Justin Bieber’s mom asking fans to ‘pray for him’

In the wake of the recent police raid on his home, Justin Bieber‘s mother has finally spoken out about her son’s behavior. Instead of coming down hard on him for his bizarre behavior, concerned mom Pattie Mallette is asking his fans to “pray for him.” The Biebs’ mother spoke to British newspaper The Sun about Justin’s latest antics in an attempt to reach out to his Beliebers: “I think so many people go into the entertainment industry with amazing Christian roots and they go in with the right morals and they get influenced somehow… I ask that people keep me and Justin in their minds. I pray for him every day… If Justin’s struggling, don’t kick him when he’s down or condemn him – pray for him.” Currently on a break from touring and other promotional duties, Justin has been involved in a series of incidents, including an alleged egg-attack on his neighbor’s house and pal Lil Za’s consequent arrest for drug possession.

Despite his name being all over the news, Justin hasn’t slowed down  – he most recently blew a staggering $75,000 at a Miami strip club. In an attempt to keep him out of trouble, RadarOnline.com reported that his management team has advised him to move out of his Calabasas home.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. AI • January 23, 2014 @ 10:49 AM

    Someone please share this with his mom:

    (she says they are Christians, so they should obey Him)

  2. Janelle • January 23, 2014 @ 11:59 AM

    I think he needs concrete help. Something a little more decisive than prayer at this point, or he’s going to end up dead in a very short time.

  3. MikeKuntz • January 23, 2014 @ 12:21 PM

    She must be French Canadain…look at the slutty dress! She should pray to learn how to be a decent parent, and not exploit her kid for the money.
    Prayers won’t help Justin. A good swift kick in the arse is what he needs, along with rehab ( does mommy dearest need help with addictions as well?, and maybe Daddy too?)

    Too much too soon, and not teaching him any morals. . sham shame.

  4. LeongCox • January 23, 2014 @ 12:26 PM

    Lock them both up in rehab- she soundslike she is trying to slough off her parental duties on the eye in the sky.

    If they were such good Christians, the kid wouldn’t be wasting so much money getting wasted and on strippers and douchebag rappers, and making life better for kdis and homeless animals.
    The guy is a freaking narcissist- and he probably go t that way from the Mommy sociopath, and absent daddy who shows up for a handout.

    Get the kdi help and keep him away from the blackies he’s been supporting.

  5. Jacques • January 23, 2014 @ 12:37 PM

    She’s got to be kidding… RLOL

  6. sam • January 23, 2014 @ 1:33 PM

    Mike I think you should watch what u say My wife is French-Canadian and she in no way dresses slutty your generalization of a race just shows what a classless person u are

  7. Janelle • January 23, 2014 @ 1:38 PM

    She’s not French Canadian. But she got into drugs and alcohol when she was 14 and pregnant while in her teens with a white trash covered in tats guy who is obviously a bad influence on Justin.

  8. Kris • January 23, 2014 @ 2:15 PM

    She should grab him by the ear and ground him for the next several months…he is a grown-up brat.

  9. Lynn • January 23, 2014 @ 3:53 PM

    He needs to be kicked and prayed for. Get those trouble making friends away from him also.

  10. Kim • January 24, 2014 @ 12:47 AM

    Why the hell doesn’t Justins mom go and get him and be a mom. This is out of control. Soon we will hear how we have lost him then what!

  11. Tracy • January 24, 2014 @ 6:53 AM

    of course she wants fans to pray for him…that way she doesn’t have to take time out of her “busy schedule” to be a mom who actually gives a sh*t about her child.

  12. rita@feelngroovee.com • January 24, 2014 @ 10:52 AM

    OK people, trashing the mom isn’t going to change things. It’ll make it worse. I personally think the woman looks amazing! I’ll bet a pay that those bad mouthing her are fat and gross. So typical! And you wonder why people in the limelight crack up. Yes, the boy needs help, but ragging on his mom isn’t going to help. How’d you like if someone did that to your mom?

  13. colleen stewart • January 24, 2014 @ 6:10 PM

    First of all stop trashing french Canadian women. What does that say about you? Secondly why are we as Canadians ashamed of what Justin is doing. He isn’t the first to be on drugs acting up and he won’t be the last. I can’t believe how violent some of you people sound. Justin needs help and his parents maybe also. He got famous too fast with too much money and i do agree he needs to find better company.I will pray for him and his family too.Maybe some of you should be more christin and understanding. We were all young at one time and no one is perfect.

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