Kim Cattrall: ‘Don’t call me childless’

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Kim CattrallKim Cattrall hates being called ”childless.”

The Sex and the City star has never given birth or adopted a child but insists that she is still a parent.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, she said: ”I am not a biological parent, but I am a parent. I have young actors and actresses that I mentor. I have nieces and nephews that I am very close to.”

And Kim, 59, thinks being called ”childless” makes her sound like she is inferior to those who have children.

She explained: ”Child-less. It sounds like you’re less, because you haven’t had a child. I think for a lot of women from my generation, it wasn’t actually a conscious choice. It was a feeling of, ‘I’m on this road, and things are going really well, and I’m very happy, and I’ll do it next year. I’ll do it in two years. I’ll do it in five years.’

”I think the thing that I find questionable about being childless or childfree [is] are you really? I mean, there is a way to become a mother in this day and age that doesn’t include your name on the child’s birth certificate. You can express that maternal side of you, very clearly, very strongly. It feels very satisfying.”


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