Lohan leaves rehab with dad

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan is leaving rehab for a five stint with her father, Michael. She has been at the Cirque Lodge in Utah since August for counseling after two drunk driving charges this year. Michael told the New York Daily News, “I’m looking forward to spending the next week with her. We’ve been in constant phone contact. She’s in a great, great place now. I’ve never heard her so honest, contrite and focused. Lindsay is weeding out all the bad. She’s taking a step back and reevaluating her life. What she tells—her honesty and openness—has brought me to tears. It’s beyond words how proud I am of her.”

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Anonymous • October 1, 2007 @ 5:37 PM

    for everyone’s sake i hope this is true, she needs help and if these are her honest words then i wish her all the best in getting her life back together

  2. Anonymous • October 1, 2007 @ 6:17 PM

    like father like daughter.

  3. Anonymous • October 1, 2007 @ 8:32 PM

    Her dad’s “caring” is probably the reason she ended up needing rehab in the first place.

  4. Nancy • October 2, 2007 @ 9:31 PM

    Hopefully true, but I still think all your vehicles and keys should be confiscated!!!! Before you kill someone.

  5. Anonymous • October 3, 2007 @ 11:45 AM

    She failed her latest alcohol test, but at least she’s out of rehab.

  6. Anonymous • October 4, 2007 @ 12:43 PM

    Can’t you people just wish her the best for a complete recovery? Perhaps some kindness and understanding of a young lady with some serious problems in her life might offer her some support. Seems to me that people love to hear about the heartaches of others…they get off on watching others pain. Sad!

  7. Nancy • October 5, 2007 @ 12:56 AM

    Hey we all have problems honey!! Including the other people in the treatment centre where Lindsay is staying, who are not getting special treatment. Such as, less phones to call family members because Lindsay “NEEDS” her own private phone, less visitors because Lindsay “NEEDS” her privacy and of course, less bottles of water because Lindsay “NEEDS” them to be full of vodka!!!!

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