Lohan threatens to reveal more

Lindsay LohanAs if she hasn’t revealed enough, Lindsay Lohan promises she’s going to reveal “a lot more” in her role as a stripper in I Know Who Killed Me. During an appearance on David Letterman’s show, she told the host: “You’ll be seeing a lot more of me in this movie. It’s a really dark, scary film.” Obviously deluded as to how much distaste she generates amongst the general public, she said with enormous optimism: “I want to win an Oscar. I want to be known for more than, like, going out.” However, she went on to state, “I bust my ass when I’m filming and when I have time off, yeah, I like to go out and dance.” Nice work if you can get it.

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  1. *Tracy Leroy • May 11, 2007 @ 10:44 PM

    Lindsay Lohan is an immature idiot who needs intense therapy. Her Mother is a very poor example of a role model, and Lindsay needs real adult supervision and positive role models for at least the next 5 years until she gets her s**t together.
    Her whole rehab stunt was an insult to those of us who actually did a stint in rehab for our addictions. Who the *&%# does she think she is for mocking the whole addiction/healing process in order to gain more publicity??? And it is VERY obvious that this chick has many addictions.
    She is nothing but a spoiled *itch who needs a *&%#ing reality check. She should be forced to live on the streets and forced to do things that she never would in order to get her hands on the drugs that she so obviously cannot let go.
    She says that “You’ll be seeing alot more of me in this movie.” Shove it *itch, we’ve seen enough. You sucka**, whining *itches of Hollywood are so *&%$ing lost in your false little worlds. You all need to be *itch-slapped upside the head and forced to get real jobs and real lives. I am so sick of having all of your latest bull*&%# shoved down my throat day after day. I am hereby throwing out my TV and putting all of your petty little bull*&%# completely out of my life. I am going to devote myself to helping others and making myself the best person that I can be. You Lindsay, can snort your way to hell until you are a washed up hasbeen just like all the stupid dumb *&%# *itches before you. Have fun getting there.
    P.S. Paris had better go to jail. If she doesnt, then I will lose all faith in humanity. You bitches get away with too much as it is. What is everyone waiting for? One of you dumb *&%#s to actually kill someone????

  2. Lola • May 12, 2007 @ 8:09 PM

    Hey I think this kid needs real help and fast she doesn’t even no what she is doing and her Mom is so messed up she’s in no shape to help she needs help herself poor Lohan she really needs {HELP FAST.}

  3. right.. • May 13, 2007 @ 1:23 PM

    i love it when people pry into others’ lives and believe that they have the audacity to judge everyone because they’re so much better than them. if lohan wants to publisize even more, then let her do it. it’s your choice to listen or not. there’ll be bad actors/actresses, good actors/actresses, and their personal lives. which are you going to pay attention to?

    i don’t see any of you commemorating stars for their other works and charities. did you know that she donates her money for Save the Children, The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Foundation, Dream Come True, and The United Cerebral Palsy Associations? of course not, we choose to discover the bad sides or even the potentially bad intention of what they do. what a way to be worse than apathetic.

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