Lost stars break up

Evangeline LillyLost stars Evangeline Lilly (Kate) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) have broken up after three years of dating. They met when both were cast on the series, but it seems the relationship has ended now that Monaghan (who played Merry the Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings) is no longer on the show. His character was killed off last season and he was recently seen in Los Angeles crying, holding and kissing another woman while chain-smoking. Doesn’t sound like the drop-dead gorgeous Lilly is missing much. Hope that now she’s extracted herself from the hobbit, she’ll find a more worthy match.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Arnold • November 9, 2007 @ 2:05 PM

    Did she tell him to get LOST!

  2. amanda • November 9, 2007 @ 9:34 PM

    the media really needs to get off these people..
    just leave them alone.
    how would you feel if you were dominic reading this?
    dont just assume…

  3. Alexandra • November 9, 2007 @ 10:38 PM

    If dominic were reading this, he should realize that he’s lucky she dated him for three years. I was shocked when I heard she ever dated him in the first place, I mean, what an odd couple.

  4. Nancy • November 10, 2007 @ 12:15 AM

    I agree Alexandra. I mean…Sawyer is sooooooo HOT!!!! She should date him!!! If Dominic is reading this, his career must really be over, and that would probably be why he was seen crying!! Why the hell would he be on Tribute reading this?? I thought we were the only ones with no lives!! Ha ha.

  5. richard • November 10, 2007 @ 3:31 AM

    first of all you guys dont even know i really despise her. her real name is nicole and hands down she is a heartbreaker and cold hearted im sad because very few people know the truth about this women and the evil she has done dumping her husband 1 year into there marriage just for fame. miss lilly aka nicole shame on you. you treated me nice but you walk all over men and crush there hearts your nothing but a cheat and a liar and your a sham. if it wasnt for riddick you would be still in van and happily married and fulfiled. the naughty things at a yaht party really does change your life.

  6. Arnold • November 10, 2007 @ 9:42 AM

    “Naughty things at a Yaht party.” Bunch of drunks out in the ocean on a Yaht, drift off and get…… LOST.
    Wow this is revealing to say the least. I always wonder where they come up with these ideas. Yaht, Plane what’s the diff.
    The Hobbit’s will avenge this slight and wreak havoc on the last survivors of that island. Mark my words.

  7. Anonymous • November 10, 2007 @ 6:17 PM

    Ya, well, that really doesn’t change the fact that Sawyer is sooooooooo freakin’ HOT!!!!!

  8. Nancy • November 10, 2007 @ 6:18 PM

    The comment directly above was me…Nancy, don’t know why it popped my name out, I have nothing to hide..and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, name myself!!

  9. Just me • November 10, 2007 @ 10:54 PM

    ” Hope that now shes extracted herself from the hobbit, shell find a more worthy match.”
    Who says she’s a worthy match??

  10. Anonymous • November 13, 2007 @ 2:00 PM

    now i can have him

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