Maisie Williams had bad online experience

Maisie WilliamsMaisie Williams, 17, blames the Internet for the ”worst year of her life.” The Game of Thrones actress admits she engaged in an anonymous war of words with someone she didn’t get along with via Formspring – a question-and-answer-based social networking service – and looking back now, she knows she was ”bullying” the other girl, even though she was also receiving ”horrible” messages.

She said: ”I had an awful experience with Formspring. I knew who the girl was who was sending anonymous things and I’m being completely honest with you here, we started sending horrible anonymous things back. She deleted her Formspring because she was being bullied. And then she set it up again. Why are you setting it up again? My advice would be to stay off it. It’s the worst thing. It’s just bad news. It was the worst year of my life and it was all down to Formspring. ”

The actress admits she was advised by her mother to delete her account on the website because of the abuse she received but she refused because she wanted to ”fit in” with her peers.

Asked about the messages she received, she told website The Debrief: ”[There were] paragraphs of speech saying you’re weird because you’re not at school, you’re a stuck up bitch because you talk about it too much, no one likes you, we all just pretend to like you because you’re rich and famous, horrible messages. Mum’s like, just delete it. It’s easy for an adult to say. But when you’re in this world and your body is changing and your hormones are everywhere and you just want to fit in. I don’t blame the girls who doing what they did. It doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt and that it wasn’t wrong. But I understand it.”

Though Maisie has public profiles on social media, she also has a private account on Tumblr in order to vent without having ”fingers pointed” at her. She admitted: ”I have a Tumblr where I have a false name and no one knows it’s me. It’s a way to get things off your chest without fingers pointed at you.”

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