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Arrival opens in theaters todayIf, like a lot of us out there, awards season is more important to you than Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and your mom’s birthday combined, then your local movie theater is where you’ll want to be this weekend, because we’ve got two of the most buzz-worthy TIFF flicks hitting the big screen today.

The first, the alien invasion drama Arrival, has earned heaps of awards buzz for both the film and its star Amy Adams, who, if nominated, will earn her sixth Academy Award nod. Another flick that’s landed itself on nearly every Oscar prediction list is the true-story drama Loving, which looks to be an even stronger contender for both Best Picture and Best Actress (Ruth Negga).

But for those of you who couldn’t care less about movie awards and are looking for some laughs amid the election saga, you can check out the legendary comedic stylings of Danny Glover and Mo’Nique in the holiday comedy Almost Christmas. Or, if you want a bit of thrills and history with your drama, there’s always the psychological thriller Shut In and the true-story action adventure USS Indianapolis.~Shelby Morton

Arrival- When mysterious spaceships land in various locations around the world, the military hires an elite team consisting of linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams), Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) and Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) to investigate. As mankind is on the verge of a global war, Louise must learn the language of the aliens to allow communication, and the team must determine whether these alien crafts simply come in peace — or are a threat to humanity. Opening everywhere today, this sci-fi drama is based on a 1998 short story by Ted Chiang called Story of Your LifeClick here for showtimes. Click here to see our Arrival red carpet interview with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.
Trailer: Arrival

Loving- The true story of Richard and Mildred Loving (Joel Edgerton, Ruth Negga), an interracial couple who defied Virginia’s anti-miscegenation laws by marrying in 1958, when Mildred found she was pregnant at age 18. Threatened with prison for breaking the law, Mildred and Richard opt to be exiled to Washington D.C. However, after years of living in the city, the couple grow tired of being away from their families and the place they grew up. When one of their children is struck by a car on a city street, they finally return home, despite the threat of arrest. They obtain legal help to sue the state of Virginia in an attempt to strike down the rules, eventually allowing interracial marriages to be seen as legitimate in the eyes of the law. Loving opens in Toronto today, in Montreal and Vancouver on November 18, and nationwide on November 25. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: Loving

Almost Christmas- Following the untimely death of his wife, beloved patriarch Walter (Danny Glover) asks his family for just one gift over the holidays — to spend five days under the same roof without killing one another. At his request, members of the Meyers family come together and attempt to get along. But even a pickup football game seems like a challenge to get through. If the family can survive the five days Walter has asked for, it’ll prove that there are such things as Christmas miracles. Hitting theaters everywhere today, this hilarious comedy also features a stellar ensemble cast including Mo’NiqueOmar Epps, Jesse User, and Gabrielle UnionClick here for showtimes.
Trailer: Almost Christmas

Shut In- Opening in limited release today, this horror thriller follows a child psychologist named Mary (Naomi Watts) who is trying to put her life back together after a horrific accident left her husband dead and her teenage son (Charlie Heaton) in a coma. Mary, who works out of her home, is given a new patient, Tom (Jacob Tremblay), a little boy grieving after his mother’s death. Faced with being taken away to Boston, Tom escapes from custody during a winter storm and is presumed dead by authorities, though a body has not been found. Mary, who feels guilty about Tom’s fate, suddenly starts hearing his voice in her house and catching glimpses of him. She finds her strength and courage put to the test when more mysterious things begin happening as she’s trapped in her isolated New England home during the storm. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: Shut In 

USS Indianapolis- Based on the harrowing true story of a torpedoed cruiser in 1945, a crew of men on the USS Indianapolis, led by Captain Charles McVay (Nicolas Cage), find themselves stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days after delivering parts to the atomic bomb that would eventually end WWII. Three hundred men are taken down to the bottom of the sea, and while the rest await rescue, they are forced to endure extreme thirst, hunger, and relentless shark attacks. Opens in select cities today. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: USS Indianapolis

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