New movies in theaters this weekend – The Boss, Demolition and more

The Boss PosterFridays are one of our favorite days here at Tribute, and not just because it’s the end of the work week, but because we can finally head to our local theaters to see all the latest movies hitting the big screen.

We’re particularly excited this week because we’ve got a whopping eight new flicks to fill the entire weekend, including the comedy The Boss, the Jean-Marc Vallée dramedy Demolition, the non-stop action thriller Hardcore Henrythe Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light, and so, so many more. Bring on the popcorn!~Shelby Morton

In the raunchy comedy The Boss, opening across Canada today, Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), the wealthiest woman in America with an ego to match, is arrested for insider trading and imprisoned. When Michelle is released six months later, she has nowhere to go, so her bullied employee Claire (Kristen Bell) takes her in. Michelle takes Claire’s daughter Rachel to her Dandelions’ meeting, where she finds out how much the girls earn by selling cookies. She decides to form her own girls’ group called Darnell’s Darlings, in which she teaches the girls aggressive business skills and makes a mint by having them sell brownies. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: The Boss

A successful investment banker, Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal), begins to unravel after a tragic car crash in the drama Demolition, which hits theaters across Canada today. In the hospital, after he finds out his wife was killed in the accident they had while he was driving, he becomes angry when a vending machine takes his money but cheats him. What starts as a complaint letter to the vending machine company turns into a series of letters revealing startling personal admissions. Davis’ letters catch the attention of customer service rep Karen (Naomi Watts) and, amidst emotional and financial burdens of her own, the two strangers form an unlikely connection. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: Demolition

When a man wakes up with no memory of his past, he’s told his name is Henry. He’s also told he’s a cybernetic super-soldier resurrected from the dead. Henry is informed that his wife Estelle (Haley Bennett) has been kidnapped and he has to save her. Her captor is Akan, a powerful warlord with his sights set on world domination. Everyone is gunning for Henry (literally), except his only ally, a mysterious British man named Jimmy (Sharlto Copley). Or is he an enemy? Hardcore Henry opens across Canada today. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: Hardcore Henry

Based on the book Hank Williams: The Biography by Colin Escott, George Merritt, and William (Bill) MacEwen and debuting in select Canadian cities, I Saw the Light tells the story of country superstar Hank Williams, widely regarded as one of the most influential musical acts of the 20th century. While Hank (Tom Hiddleston) is a rising young country music star, he meets Mae (Elizabeth Olsen), a beautiful and earnest young woman, whom he marries and with whom he has his first son. He vows to be the perfect husband, as well as the father he himself never had, but begins to drink more heavily as he becomes more famous. He also starts cheating on Mae on his various tours across America and eventually becomes addicted to painkillers. His life quickly spirals out of control. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: I Saw the Light

Across the Line, opening in select cities across Canada today and expanding next week, follows Mattie (Stephan James), a skilled ice hockey player from North Preston in Nova Scotia. He’s tipped to be selected by one of the top teams in the NHL, but his plans are jeopardized by his hustling brother and the corrosive tension at Cole Harbour High School where he’s a student, and where racism begins to tear the school apart, leaving a trail of devastation. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: Across the Line

Adam (Jackson Martin), 15, and his parents are on vacation at a cottage on Lake Superior. Sleeping Giant, opening in Toronto today and select cities next week, explores Adam’s reckless summer adventures, including befriending cousins Riley and Nate, a couple of tough and angry kids who are spending the summer with their grandmother. The cousins are eithout conscience and numb to human emotion, and even though they make fun of Adam when he gets hurt and bloody, he continues to hang out with them. When Riley finds out a secret about Adam’s father, it sets off a series of irreversible events that change the boys forever. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: Sleeping Giant

Using actors to recreate dramatic moments, Francofoniadirected by Aleksandr Sokurov and open in Toronto only, details how collaborators Jaujard and Count Franziskus Wolff-Metternichrole saved the Louvre Museum’s history and art from Nazis during the WWII occupation of France. The dramatic documentary also shows how France’s reverence for culture has been unequaled by any other European nation, charting its evolution from the Middle Ages onward as it rose through times of war and peace to its peak as the dominant cultural hub in the heart of Europe. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: Francofonia

When unemployed gambler Jonah (Jonas Chernick) loses a load of money at a poker game, he decides to take his pot-smoking teenaged daughter Aurora (Joey King) on a road trip to view the Northern Lights, before she goes completely blind due to a vision disorder. The trip also gets him out of town to avoid paying his debt. What he doesn’t realize is that they’re followed by debt collectors. You can check out Borealis in theaters across Toronto starting today. Click here for showtimes.
Trailer: Borealis

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