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Deadpool on Blu-Ray and DVDToday’s diverse roster of DVD/Blu-ray releases are here to appeal to whatever type of mood you’re in. Want to laugh? Check out the Ryan Reynolds action comedy Deadpool. Jump out of your seat? Try the supernatural horror flick about a doll turned boy, The Boy. Feeling pensive and political? The controversial Michael Moore documentary Where to Invade Next could be right up your alley. Or, maybe, if you’re just looking for a good cry, the César Award-winning Turkish drama Mustang will be just the ticket to your much-needed emotional release. ~Shelby Morton

Deadpool is the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) as he is diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, undergoes an experimental “cure” by a secret organization and is left for dead. Instead, he escapes and finds himself with accelerated healing powers and super strength. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Wade adopts the alter ego Deadpool and now must find the man who nearly destroyed his life — and kidnapped his girlfriend.
Trailer: Deadpool

A young American woman named Greta (Lauren Cohan) takes a job as a nanny in a remote English village. When she arrives, she is surprised to find that the eight-year-old she was supposed to take care of is actually a life-sized porcelain doll. The parents take care of the doll as if he is a real boy to cope with the death of their son 20 years earlier, and expect Greta to do the same. After violating a list of strict rules left to her by his parents, a series of disturbing and inexplicable events lead her to believe that the doll may actually be alive in the supernatural horror film The Boy.
Trailer: The Boy  

Michael Moore‘s first documentary film in six years, Where to Invade Next, focuses on the United States’ extensive and controversial history of invading countries. Opinions on the effectiveness of these invasions have been mixed at best. This time, Moore wonders what would happen if the U.S. could do a better job at invading and sets off on a mission to find the answers.
Trailer: Where to Invade Next

In a remote Turkish coastal village on the Black Sea, five sisters are innocently playing in the water with their classmates on the last day of school. A neighbor sees the sisters and reports their “scandalous” behavior to their grandmother and uncle, who have been the sisters’ guardians since the death of their parents. The sisters are punished severely and all “instruments of corruption,” such as cell phones and computers, are taken away. They’re forced to wear shapeless brown dresses and bars are installed on the windows. As the older sisters are subjected to virginity tests, then married off one by one, the younger sisters resolve to avoid the same fate in the coming-of-age tale Mustang.
Trailer: Mustang

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