New on DVD – Jurassic World, Paper Towns and more

jurassic world2There is no shortage of choices for this week’s DVD releases. If you want adventure, there are some new dinosaurs we haven’t met yet running amok, a shy boy using cryptic clues to find the most popular girl in school who has gone missing, and someone getting chased by drug dealers who have secretly hidden a stash of drugs in his backpack and want it back.

If you’d rather not get your heart racing, how about the downward spiral of a relationship between two parents with completely different ideas on bringing up their son, the documentary style adventure of seven children learning about the real world, or the development of a writer, feminist and pacifist from WWI to Oxford. Whatever you decide, it’s great DVD-watching weather right now with the temperatures dropping!

Off the coast of Costa Rica, scientists, including Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), have created a genetically-modified new type of dinosaur for the habitat at the Jurassic World theme park. When the intelligent but vicious new Indominus Rex escapes, other dinosaurs run amok and former military man and animal expert Owen (Chris Pratt) must save the day.
Trailer: Jurassic World

In Paper Towns, shy high school student Quentin (Nat Wolff) has the adventure of his life when popular student Margo (Cara Delevigne) enlists his help to play a prank on friends who betrayed her. After an all-nighter however, Margo disappears, leaving cryptic clues for Quentin and a mission that is obsessive, exhilarating and ultimately moving as he and his friends go about solving it.
Trailer: Paper Towns

Malcolm (Shameik Moore) is carefully surviving life in a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles in Dope, while juggling college applications and academic interviews with playing music in a punk band with his friends Jib and Diggy. A chance invitation for the friends to an underground birthday party for a drug dealer named Dom turns into trouble when the scene gets violent and they escape with drugs that Dom has secretly hidden in Malcolm’s backpack.
Trailer: Dope

The film Testament of Youth begins in the spring of 1914, when young Vera Brittain (Alicia Vikander) dreams of becoming a writer and takes exams to attend Oxford, even though her parents (Emily Watson, Dominic West) want her to stay at home and play piano, as other young ladies of her stature do until they become betrothed. Encouraged by her brother Edward (Taron Egerton) and friend Roland Leighton (Kit Harington), Vera is accepted. Then war is declared and although she attends at first, she leaves to volunteer as a nurse, later returning to her studies and eventually becoming a writer, a feminist and a pacifist.
Trailer: Testament of Youth

In Hungry Hearts, a New York couple meet under strange circumstances but develop a strong bond. After an unplanned pregnancy occurs, strain sets in and after the birth of their son, things get stranger and more strained. Their parenting skills are at odds with one another and as the relationship turns sour, their son’s life is put at risk.
Trailer: Hungry Hearts

Told in documentary style, The Wolfpack tells the story of the seven children of the Angula family, growing up in a four-bedroom apartment in the Seward Park Extension housing project of Lower Manhattan. Angry Peruvian father Oscar has the only door key and does not allow mother Susanne or the kids from leaving, except for a few strictly-monitored trips. They are home schooled and only learn about the outside world from watching movies on video. When one of the boys decides to get out, they all feel the need to explore the outside world.
Trailer: The Wolfpack

For a full list of this week’s DVD releases, click here. ~Sharon Salsberg

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