New on DVD – Zoolander 2, How to be Single and more

Zoolander 2 on Blu Ray and DVD Let’s play a game. The rules are simple — just try to find similarities between each of these very distinct new Blu-ray and DVD releases. First, let’s put a sequel about two aging male supermodels in charge of finding a brutal celebrity killer (Zoolander 2) against a true story about a coast guard who saves the lives of over 30 sailors in 1950s Massachusetts (The Finest Hours). And, go!

Next, a single-girl comedy about a woman trying to navigate the dating scene in 21st century New York City (How to Be Single) versus a fictional depiction of the Biblical story of Jesus’ resurrection (Risen). Too easy? Well, just try to compare any one of these to the tale of Chinese cinematic legend Wong Fei Hung in Rise of the Legend. Good luck and enjoy this week’s releases! ~Shelby Morton

Once the world’s most famous male models, Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) are old news – in fact, they’re a source of amusement in the second installment of the franchise Zoolander 2. They’re disheartened, but that changes when they’re contacted by Interpol agent Montana Grosso (Penélope Cruz). She wants to recruit Derek and Hansel to help her find the criminal mastermind who is killing the world’s most beautiful people, including Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Usher and Miley Cyrus. They all died with Derek’s signature look – Blue Steel – on their faces. The male models are thrilled to be asked to infiltrate the world of high fashion, but Montana comes to question her decision when she sees their unorthodox methods.
Trailer: Zoolander 2

Based on the novel of the same name by Liz Tuccillo, How to Be Single  follows recently single Alice (Dakota Johnson) who was in a relationship all throughout college and is finding that dating isn’t quite what it used to be before she left the scene. She meets hard-partying Robin (Rebel Wilson) who takes her dancing, feeds her a lot of booze, shows her how to utilize social media and where all the hottest bars are to meet men — all in an attempt to teach the naive Alice just how to be single in New York City.
Trailer: How to Be Single

Bernie (Chris Pine) and Miriam (Holliday Grainger) are about to become engaged when a fierce storm strikes off the coast of New England, where Bernie works as a member of the Coast Guard. It’s February of 1952 and the Coast Guard is called out to save an oil tanker that’s split in two, just miles from Chatham, Massachusetts. Several boats are sent out for the rescue when another oil tanker, the SS Pendleton, is also spotted in danger just off the coast. While Bernie is sent out with three other men on what’s called a “suicide mission” to save the sailors on board the Pendleton, Miriam goes on a mission of her own, to get her future fiancé back alive in the elements drama The Finest Hours.
Trailer: The Finest Hours

Risen tells the story of Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), a Roman Centurion who is tasked by Pontius Pilate to investigate rumors of a risen Jewish Messiah by the name of Yeshua, and to locate his missing body. Clavius, a non-believer, begins to question his own faith as he delves deeper into the mystery of Yeshua’s whereabouts, witnessing miraculous acts that will eventually lead to the legendary tale of Christ’s Resurrection.
Trailer: Risen 

In the action thriller Rise of the Legend, the extraordinarily powerful young martial artist Wong Fei Hung (Eddie Peng) is recruited to China’s Black Tiger gang once its leader Lei Gong (Sammo Hung) recognizes Wong’s potential. But as Wong begins to see his ruthless boss for the evil force he is, he reconsiders his allegiance and vows to free his town from Lei’s unforgiving tyrannical ways.
Trailer: Rise of the Legend

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Deborah • May 25, 2016 @ 7:18 PM

    I saw How to Be Single and I can’t remember it at all, it’s very forgettable. I remember thinking that Dakota Johnson doesn’t seem to have a personality.

  2. Jacob • May 26, 2016 @ 9:33 AM

    I enjoyed most of these movies. I really liked Chris Pine in Finest Hours.

  3. moviesteve • May 26, 2016 @ 9:56 AM

    Why anyone put money towards another Zoolander movie is absolutely insane to me.

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