New releases on DVD – The Peanuts Movie, Macbeth and more

The Peanuts Movie on Blu-Ray and DVDThere are three vastly different reboots to start off your weekly DVD binge, including the animated flick The Peanuts Movie, which is the first full-length feature following the life of Charlie Brown and his pals in over 35 years, and commemorates the 65th anniversary of the first comic strip, as well as the 50th anniversary of the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas — and is certain to please nostalgic adults and curious kids alike.

For something decidedly less family friendly, Shakespeare’s Macbeth is once again getting the film treatment, this time with Oscar-nominee Michael Fassbender as the legendary protagonist and Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard as his tragically tortured lady.

Another venerated character of classic literature, Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy), along with his now humpback-less sidekick Igor (Daniel Radcliffe), set about creating their monster in the newest revamp of the horror tale Victor Frankenstein~Shelby Morton

In the 3D animated remake The Peanuts MovieCharlie Brown wants to start his life over with a clean slate and show people he’s a winner. Unfortunately, all his attempts at coming out on top, including practicing his baseball pitching, learning to dance and trying to impress a new girl, all fail. However, he’s encouraged along the way by his faithful dog Snoopy, and joined on the big screen by his best friend Linus and the rest of the gang, including Schroeder, Pig-Pen, Peppermint Patty, his sister Sally and Lucy.
Trailer: The Peanuts Movie

Like in the seminal Shakespearean play, Macbeth is divided into five acts and depicts the life of Macbeth (Michael Fassbender), the Thane of Glamis, as he balances home life with his unstable wife Lady Macbeth (Marion Cotillard) with fighting bloody battles in a Civil war-torn 11th century Scotland. After emerging victorious, he receives a prophesy from three witches that he will one day become King of Scotland. Consumed by greed and an immense thirst for power, the warrior does everything he possibly can to make sure the prophesy comes true.
Trailer: Macbeth

Victor Frankenstein, a modern retelling of the classic tale, follows radical scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy), who, with the help of his equally brilliant protégé Igor Strausman (Daniel Radcliffe), develops a technique to reanimate dead tissue, which leads him to create a living being — with unexpected and dangerous consequences.
Trailer: Victor Frankenstein 

During the early 19th century, Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) is offered a spot as First Mate on the New England whaling ship Essex in the elements epic In the Heart of the Sea. The problem is, he was promised a position as Captain on the voyage, but George Pollard (Benjamin Walker), the less-experienced son of a wealthy sailing family, has been given that post instead. Chase reluctantly agrees to sign on and so begins one of the most dramatic voyages of his life.
Trailer: In the Heart of the Sea

In 2006, small group of British paratroopers are positioned on a hill in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan with the goal of disabling a Taliban roadblock. This becomes increasingly difficult, as they cannot tell the difference between ordinary locals and Taliban in disguise. They also learn that years before, in the 1980s, the Russians planted various landmines that have yet to be set off. When a member of their company is injured by one of the landmines, the soldiers realize they have no safe way out of the area. The men try to keep their morale up, while avoiding getting blown up until they can figure a way out in the war epic Kilo Two Bravo.
Trailer: Kilo Two Bravo

The Canadian mystery drama The Forbidden Room is about an eccentric woodsman by the name of Cesare (Roy Dupuis). While on a mission to save a maiden from his village from a group of forest bandits in the wilderness, Cesare mysteriously ends up in a submarine trapped at the bottom of the ocean. The crew of the submarine includes the fearsome forest bandits, a famous surgeon, and a battalion of child soldiers, who all get more than they bargained for as they wend their way toward progressive ideas on life and love.
Trailer: The Forbidden Room

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