Oasis’ Noel and Liam Gallagher attacked on stage

oasis.jpgRock band Oasis was performing at Toronto’s Virgin Festival on Island Park yesterday in front of 25,000 fans when a man ran from the back of the stage and shoved guitarist Noel Gallagher from behind and knocking him to his knees, and nearly off the front of the stage. He then lunged at lead singer Liam Gallagher, who stepped back as security rushed the intruder. The band took a 10-minute break, while the man was put into a police car and taken away, before resuming with “The Importance of Being Idle.” A Virgin spokesperson says both brothers were fine after the attack. Daniel Sullivan, 47, from Pickering has been charged with assault in connection with the incident and will appear in Toronto’s Old City Hall court house on October 24. Click below to watch video of the attack. UPDATE: (September 9) According to Sun Media, Noel, who was shoved into a speaker, sustained a fractured rib and ligament damage in the attack.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Dave • September 8, 2008 @ 12:04 PM

    are they sure it wasn’t Amy Winehouse?

  2. Jo-Anne. • September 8, 2008 @ 6:25 PM

    your immaturity knows no bounds, Nancy.
    I sincerely hope your enormous agression isn’t demonstrated in front of your children, you should heed Jeff’s words – get assistance, what a shame to subject one’s kids to such pent up anger.

    This storyline is just another in a long line of unnecessary violent attacks, people acting out on their agressive impulses, trying to prove something. Sound familiar? Yeah, dead bang on. No need to go to the lengths you do, Nancy, it’s overkill in a very sad way for an adult(?)

  3. Nancy • September 8, 2008 @ 7:47 PM

    Anyways, back to Liam Gallagher….it’s a good thing he jumped out of the way of this guy….wouldn’t want to lose those front teeth twice!!! 😀

  4. tributegirl • September 8, 2008 @ 8:58 PM

    Nancy, I didn’t know you were subjecting your children to pent up anger! Wow! Wait a minute…..I don’t see anything in your comments about your kids, or any anger…hmm, weird, someone seems to be obsessed with you.

  5. Shaun • September 9, 2008 @ 9:58 AM

    I’m confused wasn’t this article’s topic, “Oasis Noel and Liam Gallagher attacked on stage” not “Nancy and Jo-Anne exchange heated words”?

  6. Nancy • September 9, 2008 @ 10:14 AM

    Shaun….there is only ONE comment on here that does pertain to to the headline of the article and guess what? It was written by…..NANCY at 7:47 pm!!!

  7. Jo-Anne. • September 10, 2008 @ 10:14 PM

    jeff not only wrote his comments in an intelligent articulate way, he without a doubt got the better than you, came out miles on top. Miles.

  8. Nancy • September 11, 2008 @ 8:13 AM

    It is really too bad that people who don’t need fixing are the ones who are attempting to get “fixed”, while the REAL psycho’s cut passengers heads off on public transit, attend Oasis concerts, etc. I hope Noel’s ribs heal up quickly and Oasis can continue their tour.

  9. Nancy • September 11, 2008 @ 4:34 PM

    Yeah, miles of PURE B.S!!!

  10. ke • September 15, 2008 @ 10:16 AM

    all i gotta say is ‘damn those body guards are QUICK!’

    Oh yes, and that I LOVE OASIS, no matter their member’s natures.

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