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Charlie Sheen hits back at Brett Rossi’s claims

Charlie Sheen has hit back at Brett Rossi's claims after she filed a lawsuit against him. The 'Anger Management' star's lawyer Martin D. Singer insists the actor will fight his former fiancee's claims after she alleged he caused her ''emotional distress and negligence'' by not telling her... full story

Charlie Sheen wants to run for president

Charlie Sheen wants to run for president. The actor claims he would be the perfect candidate to run for office in 2016 after conducting a small survey of his friends, and would even enlist his father Martin Sheen - who famously pl... full story

Charlie Sheen graduates from high school

Charlie Sheen has graduated from High School. The 48-year-old star has gained his diploma 30 years after being expelled from Santa Monica High School in 1983 because he was a few points short of the requirement and had a 33 per cent attendance record,... full story

Charlie Sheen praised by co-star

Charlie Sheen has been praised as likeable and smart.While the 'Anger Management' actor has a reputation as a hellraiser thanks to his past which has included hiring prostitutes and taking drugs, his former 'Two and a Half Men' co-star Holland Taylor ... full story

Charlie Sheen

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen attended Santa Monica High School. His failure to graduate was due to missed classes as well as poor grades. Despite not having a high school diploma, his good looks, talent and family connections (his dad is Martin Sheen) helped... full story

Charlie Sheen lost virginity to prostitute at 15

Charlie Sheen lost his virginity to a prostitute at 15 years old. The 46-year-old actor stole his dad's credit card to pay for the experience and had the "greatest night" of his life with flame-haired Candy in a Las Vegas hotel room while hi... full story

Charlie Sheen settles down with twin boys

Once a womanizer, now a family man? Charlie Sheen and his current wife, real estate investor Brooke Mueller Sheen, welcomed twin boys on Saturday night. Max and Bob are the first children for the couple, and Sheen’s publicist, Stan Rosenfeld, describes him as “ecstatic.” The couple is... full story

New movies in theaters – Good Boys, Angry Birds and more

Good Boys, the new comedy about three pubescent boys preparing for their first co-ed party opens in theaters today! Click here to see six other new releases. full story

The Departed (2006) / Infernal Affairs (2002)

Hollywood remakes of foreign films get a bad rep as movies looking to capitalize on a great story, but giving audiences an easy way out of not having to deal with subtitles. Oftentimes things get lost in translation and the adaptation makes so many changes to adhere... full story

Come Sunday (April 13)

Based on a true story, this follows the life of Evangelist minister Carlton Pearson (Chiwetel Ejiofor), who enjoys a large congregation of over 5,000 attendees. When he annouces that he has heard God’s voice telling him there is no hell, the congregation is scandalized. Also starring Martin... full story

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