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Transformers 3 gets 2011 release date

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did so well at the box office that a third Transformers is already in the works, with a release date set for July 1, 2011. Director Michael Bay has also confirmed on his official website,, that Megan Fox will be returning to her role.... full story

Transformers fans cheer trailer’s world premiere

In preparation for the next Transformers movie, opening in theaters June 24th, Paramount Pictures held a special Event Screening in 20 North American cities of the first Transformers movie in IMAX version, during which they showed the World Premiere of the new trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Fans were encouraged to... full story

Third Transformers release date causes problem

Paramount and Dreamworks have announced that a third Transformers movie will be released in July of 2011, according to Variety. This was news to Transformers director Michael Bay, who is currently working on post-production for the second film of the series, Revenge of the Fallen. He said on his website... full story

New Transformers trailer!

Paramount has released the first teaser trailer for this summer’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.   If you liked the 30-second Super Bowl spot, you’ll love this… Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens in theatres Friday June 26, 2009. [flashvideo file= width=480 height=200 /] full story

Shia LaBeouf wants aunt evicted from her own condo

Shia LaBeouf, 29, wants to take possession of his aunt's New York City condo to make up for $1 million he says his uncle owes to him, despite her claim... full story

Shia LaBeouf obtains restraining order

Shia LaBeouf has obtained a restraining order against a stalker who thought he was Albert Einstein.The 'Transformers' actor went to court to receive an injunction against Graciela Nahle, claiming he fears for his safety after she showed up three times... full story

Megan Fox dodges questions about pregnancy

Does Megan Fox have a bun in the oven? Speculations that the hot, young actress may be pregnant have been making headlines — however, she has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight (posted below), Fox laughed off an awkward transition from her... full story

Megan Fox says Marilyn Monroe tattoo gives bad energy

When Transformers star Megan Fox first came on the scene, she was compared to Angelina Jolie, for not only her beauty and bad girl reputation, but also for her tattoos. But recently, Fox, says that she no longer wants to keep the large tattoo of Hollywood screen... full story

Shia LaBeouf gives details on Megan Fox affair

Shia LaBeouf admits that he and co-star Megan Fox had an affair while working on the first two Transformer movies. During an in-depth interview with Details magazine, he was asked if he’d hooked up with Fox, and he nodded, saying: “Look, you’re on the set for six... full story

Shia LaBeouf misses Megan Fox

Shia LaBeouf says he misses Megan Fox, who played Shia’s love interest in the first two Transformers movies. Megan had signed on to appear in the third film, but subsequently pulled out, insisting she left on good terms with the rest of the cast and crew. “I... full story

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