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Mandy Moore exclusive interview

Mandy Moore is simply glowing. Sure, it’s no doubt in part due to the fact that she’s still in the honeymoon phase after recently tying the knot with her alt-country rocker husband Ryan Adams. But something else has added a twinkle in her eye: her new album.... full story

Zac Efron cuts loose from Footloose

High School Musical star Zac Efron has pulled out of Paramount’s planned remake of Footloose. Efron told the studio last week he wasn’t interested in doing another musical at this point in his career. Efron apparently had script approval, which, after reading a script rewrite, enabled him to get out... full story

Big-screen Books

Need to get that 600-page novel read in time for your book club meeting? Can’t find the Cole’s notes? Page skippers rejoice. Whether it’s a classic childhood tale, a bestselling series or an unforgettable love story, you can get your fiction fix through film. Here’s a look... full story

Evan Rachel Wood dumps Manson’s butt

The breakup everyone’s been waiting for — Evan Rachel Wood has finally dumped Marilyn Manson’s pathetic butt. She began dating him when she was 19 — he was 37 and married to stripper Dita Von Teese. So why did Wood finally come to her senses? Marilyn didn’t want Evan’s... full story

Zac Efron attacked by crazed stalker

Zac Efron was attacked by a crazed stalker on Wednesday, according to UK newspaper The Daily Mail. The High School Musical star and girlfriend/co-star Vanessa Hudgens are in London to promote their new movie, High School Musical 3: Senior Year. While there, they went to see a West... full story

Sienna Miller a cry baby

For weeks the paparazzi have been following Sienna Miller like crazy, questioning her about her relationship with Balthazar Getty. Now, she is finally breaking down, almost to the point of tears. After trying to fill up her car at a Malibu gas station, Miller screamed at the... full story

Kung Fu Panda Jack Black Interview

Funnyman Jack Black kicks his way onto the big screen in the new animated film Kung Fu Panda. — By Bonnie Laufer-Krebs Shark Tale was your first voiceover experience, so obviously doing work for an animated film is something you enjoy. You are an actor who is used to... full story

Cloverfield – Interview with Michael Stahl-David

Michael, you must be so pumped about this film finally coming to theaters! Stahl-David: I am pretty excited, it’s true. The first time anybody saw the initial trailer, it seemed so mysterious. The movie didn’t even have an official title, they were calling it 1-18-08 (for the... full story

Women In Film

From fierce power tripping portrayals to passionate love scenes, the female role in Hollywood has become a force to be reckoned with. In an industry once dominated by males, women have given us some of the most enjoyable and finest moments in film. Watch these ladies in... full story

Spider-Man 3 continues to rule box office

Spider-Man 3 held on to the top spot at the box office this weekend, earning an additional $60 million (all figures US) for a total take of $242 million. Breaking into the top five this weekend was the new thriller, 28 Weeks Later in the No. 2... full story

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