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Riverdale S3, Episode 3 review – As Above, So Below

Riverdale episode "As Above, So Below" finds Archie confined to solitary, Veronica opening a speakeasy and Jughead and Betty investigating a deadly game. full story

Riverdale review: S3, Episode 2 – Fortune and Men’s Eyes

Netflix's Riverdale season 3, episode two is here! Click here to find out what happens to the Archie gang and what we think about this new episode. Spoilers ahead! full story

Riverdale review: Season 3, Episode 1 – Labor Day

Sit back and enjoy our review of the first season 3 episode of the Netflix series Riverdale, in which Archie Andrews stands trial for a murder he didn't commit. full story

Baby Driver

This soundtrack is for when you feel like driving fast. Don’t actually drive fast though. The film delivers a variety of tunes from different decades. Songs range from the 1970s punk scene, such as “Neat Neat Neat” by the Damned, to more chill vibes like “Harlem Shuffle”... full story

Riverdale season finale review – ‘Brave New World’

A spoiler-free discussion of Riverdale, following the season finale, "Brave New World." Find out what our reviewer thought of the popular show’s second season. full story

Riverdale review – Black Hood finally revealed!

The Black Hood has finally been revealed! Or at least, someone has confessed to being the Black Hood. Meanwhile, there’s a funeral and a cliffhanger… full story

Riverdale review – Shadow of a Doubt offers new pairing

The latest episode of Riverdale, titled Shadow of a Doubt, casts doubt on who the Black Hood really is. Betty thinks it may be her father, but is she right? full story

Riverdale review – Archie kidnapped in “Prisoners”

In the latest episode of Riverdale, titled "Prisoners," an incident leaves the town on edge when a devastating secret is revealed and Archie is taken prisoner. full story

Riverdale review – A Night to Remember

This week's episode was aptly titled "A Night To Remember." Fans of Glee and High School Musical rejoice: the entire episode is a musical! full story

Riverdale review – The Noose Tightens

This week's installment of Riverdale finds our core four split down the middle, with Veronica and Archie on one team, and Betty and Jughead on the other. full story

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