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New movies in theaters – X-Men: Apocalypse and more

We're pretty pumped for this week's batch of new releases, including the latest installment to the X-Men franchise X-Men: Apocalypse, the fantasy sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass, quirky action comedy Mr. Right, and more. full story

Watch this week’s new trailers!

Trailers tell all and we love watching a bit of the movie in these two-minute teasers. This week there are five new trailers that we can’t stop talking about. Kristen Wiig captures the screen with her strong presence in Welcome to Me as Alice, who suffers from... full story

Oscar Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway: Funny or flop?

Hoping they would bring a fresh take on one of Hollywood’s biggest awards shows, Anne Hathaway and James Franco missed the mark as Oscar co-hosts. It could have given them the buzz of the century, and many were looking forward to these two young stars to give... full story

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