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Aniston and Jolie snubbed by Oscar nominations – full list!

The nominees for the 2015 Academy Awards were announced this morning in all 24 categories. Birdman and  The Grand Budapest Hotel led the way with nine nominations each. Angelina Jolie, who was not nominated in the directing category for her movie Unbroken at the Golden Globes, was snubbed... full story

Golden Globe nominations announced

The nominees are in! Kate Beckinsale and Paula Patton announced The Golden Globes nominations this morning, adding buzz to the award season. Birdman led the way with seven nods, including Best Film in a Comedy or Drama, Best Actor (Michael Keaton), Best Supporting Actress (Emma Stone) and Best... full story

2015 SAG nominations announced

The Screen Actors Guild nominations were announced this morning, honoring the best and brightest of movies and television from the past year. Among the most notable nominees is Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany, who received her first SAG nomination for her amazing work in Orphan Black. Jennifer Aniston... full story

Tribute’s top five trailers of the week

Although Interstellar took the second spot at the box office this weekend, it was the most popular trailer of the week on Tribute. Following close was the Disney animated Big Hero 6 and the chilling thriller Nightcrawler. Which was your favorite trailer of the week? 1)Interstellar 2)... full story

Elizabeth McGovern says losing her sex appeal is ‘liberating’

Elizabeth McGovern says losing her sex appeal was ''liberating''.The 53-year-old 'Downton Abbey' star has revealed that she is pleased people don't look at her as a sexual being because it feels freeing.She explained: ''Losing your sex appeal is no ba... full story

Ouija holds on to top Halloween weekend box office

This Halloween weekend it seems audiences were in the mood for something scary. Last weekend’s top movie, Ouija, grossed $10.7 million, retaining the top spot and just edging out newcomer Nightcrawler, which grossed $10.4 million. However, Tribute viewers gave Nightcrawler a 3.5 star Tribute rating, while Ouija... full story

Tribute’s top five trailers of the week

With the week coming to an end, we have rounded up the top five trailers that are a favorite among our Tribute readers. Taking the top spot is Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer.  Which is your favorite trailer of the week? 1) The Equalizer 2) The Maze Runner... full story

Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t believe in nightmares

Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't believe in nightmares.The 33-year-old actor has revealed he doesn't believe in scary dreams despite always having them.He told Variety magazine: ''I always have nightmares [but] I don't really believe in nightmares. I don't bel... full story

Jake Gyllenhaal at ease in Toronto

Jake Gyllenhaal feels at ease in Toronto. The Nightcrawler star revealed to the Toronto Sun. “There’s a really warm nature to the people here, and to the city,” he said. “Whenever I’ve worked here, whenever I’ve stayed here, it just feels kind of warm, you know?” While feeling a sense of comfort, there was nothing but […] full story

Justin Bieber song scares bear; saves man’s life

“And I was like brown bear, brown bear, brown bear, ohh noo…” Can a song save your life? Apparently it can, and no one knows that better than Igor Vorozhbitsyn, who was fishing in northern Russia when his ringtone, set to the hit Justin Bieber song, Baby, sent... full story

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