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Was Ledger taking illicit drugs?

According to the NYPD a rolled up $20 bill that was found near Heath Ledger‘s body has tested negative for drug residue. However, CBS 2 in New York reports that several packets containing an “unknown substance” were found in the apartment. It’s not yet known whether any... full story

Spears’ lawyer wants out

Britney Spears‘ lawyer, Sorrel Trope, has asked to quit because of a “communication breakdown” between himself and the pop wreck, “making further representation of her interests impossible.” In other words, Spears doesn’t listen to a word he says. She did not show up for her scheduled deposition... full story

Women In Film

From fierce power tripping portrayals to passionate love scenes, the female role in Hollywood has become a force to be reckoned with. In an industry once dominated by males, women have given us some of the most enjoyable and finest moments in film. Watch these ladies in... full story

Watts gives birth to boy

Naomi Watts has given birth to a baby boy, slightly ahead of his expected arrival on August 2nd. She and her husband, Liev Schreiber, have named the boy Alexander Pete Schreiber, according to Life & Style. The baby was born Wednesday in Los Angeles, weighing 8 pounds,... full story

Rowan Atkinson talks about Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Funnyman Rowan Atkinson talks to Tribute’s Bonnie Laufer-Krebs about his new movie Mr. Bean’s Holiday and how this may be the last we see of the quirky English character. When did you discover you could use your face as a comedic vehicle? When I was at Oxford... full story

Pirates 3 tops $750 million mark

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End earned over $764 million worldwide in its first 20 days of release. Business may have slowed down slightly domestically, with the total at $258 million, but overseas it’s at $506 million and growing quickly. Variety reports that the earnings beat Spider-Man... full story

Mary-Kate Olsen goes solo

Mary-Kate Olsen has been chosen to play a part in Showtime’s hit series Weeds. It will be her first acting role in which she appears without her twin sister, Ashley Olsen. She’ll play Tara, a devout Christian teen who becomes a love interest for Silas, the teenage... full story

Emma Roberts one-on-one interview

Emma Roberts interview conducted by Bonnie Laufer/Tribute magazine May 11th 2007 Q: Congratulations on everything. From a successful TV show, to your music and now with Nancy Drew coming out, how at 16 do you handle it all? E.R. I’m just having lots of fun. I really... full story

HEROS renewed by NBC

NBC’s Heroes is one of the few new dramas to be renewed for the 2007/2008 season, despite dropping several million viewers in its first season. Other shows that have been renewed include Friday Night Lights, E.R., Medium and Vegas (Tom Selleck will be added to the cast).... full story

Finding E-topia – Caring for the environment has never been so chic

With many stars promoting to save the environment, never before has it been so cool to reduce, reuse and recycle. Many celebs are indulging in beauty products that are organic and earth-friendly. We already know Stella McCartney as a top fashion designer. Now she’s making waves in... full story

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