Patrick Swayze unhurt in anthrax scare

Patrick SwayzePatrick Swayze, who had enough on his plate with his cancer battle, found himself in the midst of an anthrax scare in Chicago yesterday. He was filming at the Berwyn police station when a Comcast employee brought a package leaking white powder into the building. Police Chief William Kushner said the man wanted to report it to the police because he was concerned about what might be inside. It was soon determined that the powder was not cocaine, but police were worried that it could be anthrax and isolated the Comcast employee, two sergeants, a detective and a radio operator, all of whom were exposed to the powder, until testing was completed. Swayze luckily did not come into contact with the package or the powder. It was later determined to be corn starch, and filming resumed.

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  1. Jo-Anne. • November 5, 2008 @ 6:25 PM

    Well, thankful to see Patrick was unhurt and this was not an anthrax situation. So many unstable people out there, looks like this was handled well by the police. Good job!

  2. tributegirl • November 5, 2008 @ 7:23 PM

    Jeez, Patrick has had a lot on his plate this past year, didn’t need this kind of a scare. But thankfully it turned out well and no one got hurt. Good job to everyone involved.

  3. Megan • November 6, 2008 @ 1:38 AM

    Well I’m glad nobody died in this horrid cornstarch incident.

  4. Nancy • November 6, 2008 @ 9:28 AM

    Me too Megan, especially all those brave ones in blue…who did such a “good job” controlling that cornstarch when someone brought it directly to their station. Now THAT’S team work at it’s finest! I say they all deserve a raise and an extra 5 minutes at the doughnut shop!

    Glad Patrick and any other ‘innocent by-standers’ were not harmed.

  5. tributegirl • November 6, 2008 @ 11:56 AM

    LOL Megan and Nancy!
    But with all the sicko’s out there these days, they have to be careful of anything like that until they can confirm that it is nothing. And this time, thankfully it WAS nothing.

  6. Anonymous • November 6, 2008 @ 6:14 PM

    beware the cornstarch!

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