James McAvoy – Split

James McAvoy was considered a heartthrob when he first gained notice in North America following his Golden Globe-nominated performance in the 2007 romantic drama Atonement. Fast forward more than 10 years and this Scottish actor has gone on to prove he's more of a character actor than a romantic lead, especially with his frightening look as "The Beast" in the horror movie Split. Unrecognizable with his bald head and bulked-up frame, James googled “how to put on muscle quick” and hit the gym, doing a power-lifting routine consisting of five different exercises four or five times a week. However, to reprise his role as "The Beast" in the follow-up movie, Glass, James trained with Swedish celebrity coach Magnus Lygdback, who had the actor eat lean protein and carbs without counting calories, while building his muscles with a variety of exercises.

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