Best Onscreen Royals

Power. Passion. Prestige. The complexities of the royal family have always been a source of intrigue. Film and television have capitalized on this by lifting the veil of secrecy and exposing the truths and tales of storied kings and queens, and iconic princes and princesses.

Bringing the royals to life is no small feat, but several fine actors have found success on the throne.

With the popularity of Netflix’s recent hit The Crown, and the accolades that have poured in for its star Claire Foy (whose refined work as Queen Elizabeth II earned her a Golden Globe nomination), we’ve compiled a list of our favorite onscreen royals. Check out the gallery and feel free to agree or disagree, this is no tyranny. ~Matthew Pariselli and Shelby Morton

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  1. Deborah • December 17, 2016 @ 4:06 PM

    The problem with the series is that they don’t show Henry the way he looked.

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