Facehugger (Alien) – 1979

"In space no one can hear you scream." Even the tagline to Ridley Scott's Oscar-winning sci-fi film Alien is unsettling. The creature is best known as a facehugger, which is the name attributed to a Xenomorph in its second stage of the life cycle. With long, finger-like legs, a facehugger's sole purpose is to latch itself onto the face of a human for the purpose of implantation. It inserts an embryo down the throat of its victim and once developed, a larval Xenomorph — otherwise known as a chestburster — breaks out of the host's chest. A fully grown Xenomorph is a chilling spectacle, but the grotesque, unnerving sight of a facehugger will haunt your dreams for nights on end. Not even Sigourney Weaver as the intrepid Ellen Ripley can help. 

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