The Owens sisters – Practical Magic (1998)

Despite outward appearances, including a distinct lack of moles or distended chins, Sally and Gillian Owens (Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) are not your typical witches next door. After their parents' deaths, Sally and Gillian are sent to live with their two aunts, who swiftly inform them of their witchy lineage. Raised with the craft thereafter, both girls grow up to be beautiful, powerful women. While Sally settles into a non-magical life with her husband and two daughters, Gillian chooses a wanderer's life of excess. However, they eventually discover that their magic, untapped or not, comes with a price -- any man they love will be sent to an early grave. Armed with broomsticks, gloopy potions, and impossibly shiny hair, Sally and Gillian must figure out a way to break the spell, without breaking any more hearts.

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