Alien: Covenant

Director Ridley Scott returns to his famous franchise with Alien: Covenant (2017). In this installment we see the crew of the colonization ship Covenant — with hundreds of lives and human embryos on board and one android, Walter — land on a planet that seems perfect for the beginnings of a new human colony. Walter and the crew discover the planet is inhabited by violent aliens called Neomorphs. They also find a previous model, identical in appearance to Walter but named David, who crash-landed on the planet years earlier. David says he'll help the crew but is actually sinister in his reasoning — in reality, he wants to escape the planet with his own brand of Neomorph and release them. In a showdown with Walter, David kills his successor but tricks the last survivors of the Covenant crew into believing he is Walter. He boards the ship and places his alien embryos with the human ones, his evil plan fulfilled.  

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