Office Christmas Party (2016)

This isn't your ordinary Office Christmas Party. Gone are the days of lunch-time buffets and secret Santa swaps accompanied by generic holiday carols playing innocuously in the background. In an attempt to secure a high-profile client, an office manager named Clay (T.J. Miller) comes up with the idea to host the mother of all Christmas parties. We're talking a snow slip 'n' slide, five-gallon water jugs filled with liquor, a foul-mouthed disc jockey named "DJ Calvis," staircase tobogganing, x-rated xeroxing, and, of course, Jesus riding in on a horse. And these aren't even the most out-of-hand examples. Needless to say, it's one wild ride of a holiday movie.

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  1. rick • January 12, 2017 @ 5:55 PM

    I can relate to the BB gun and shooting your eye out. I received an air rifle
    for a Christmas present back in the early 60’s. One day i was
    in the basement shooting at the concrete walls and cans I had set up as targets.
    When I spotted a spider walking on the concrete floor I waited till it was crawling
    between my legs and without thinking pointed the rifle straight down and fired.
    Imagine my shock when instantly I felt a sharp pain between my eyes and centered
    on my nose when the BB richoted straight back. I just stood there realizing
    that if the BB had bounced an inch or 2 left or right I would have spent the
    rest of my life as a 1 eyed person entirely due to childish stupidity .

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