Julian Taylor in Children of Men (2006)

Talk about good aim. When the world is plagued with global infertility, former activist Theo (Clive Owen) unwittingly finds the first and only pregnant woman in nearly 20 years. She, the beacon of hope for the entire human race, is being held under the care of Theo’s estranged wife Julian (Julianne Moore) and a militant group. When the group is ambushed by an armed gang, they must escape the ensuing assassins by driving in reverse down a long forested road. As Theo and Julian frantically discuss their next steps, the motorbiking assassins suddenly shoot Julian in the head through the windshield of the car. As his wife’s lifeless body slumps towards the gearshift, Theo’s face says it all: What just happened?!

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  1. Norm • October 28, 2016 @ 12:51 PM

    Bambi, Jaws, Final Destinations

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