Colin Farrell

This one is personal. For a while there, Colin Farrell’s wild antics were overshadowing his undeniable talent as an actor. A Home at the End of the World, anyone? Let’s not even get started on Phone Booth. But he’s had his act together for almost nine years now and since has made some really great role choices in those years (Winter’s Tale notwithstanding). It’s a real shame that In Bruges (Yes, another In Bruges reference. It’s a great movie, you should check it out) didn’t pick up the momentum it needed at the time of its release. Colin should have surely received a lot more recognition for his exceptional turn as the hilariously suicidal Ray. Another atrocity is that his recent performance in The Lobster has been, yet again, completely void of any major media or awards recognition. Honestly—what is it going to take for people to recognize Colin as one of the best actors of our generation?

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