Chariots of Fire (1981)

The Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire is based on true events and follows two British runners on their journeys to the 1924 Olympics. One of them is Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson), a devout Scottish Christian, and the other is Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross), an English Jew. Both men ended up leaving Paris, the host city of the Games, with gold medals around their necks. The signature theme song to the film was part of the Oscar-winning score.

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  1. Mindy • August 4, 2016 @ 3:41 AM

    What a tragedy Munich was. Palestinians should be ashamed of murdering innocent young athletes for one reason – they’re Jewish. Wasn’t what Hitler did bad enough? They have to keep targetting Jews and not allow them peace in their own country? This conflict makes me sick. Muslims have been causing problems for many years and look at the state of our world as we keep turning a blind eye.

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