Remakes that either failed or succeeded

Hollywood remakes can be a sore subject in movie lovers’ circles. On the one hand, they have the potential to introduce new special effects and technologies to classic stories, elevating the remake past the standards set by the original. But on the other hand, they also serve as a stark reminder that films can now be formulaic, nonsensical or reboots – all a sign of the movie industry’s creative bankruptcy. Still, some have wowed audiences by showcasing a new take on the story or by casting talent illustrative of the era. Others were just a train wreck, saved only by their title and nostalgia in viewers of the original text. But the goal is always the same: improve on source material while making the film accessible, and desirable, to new audiences. With that in mind, here are 16 remakes that either exceeded or fell flat compared to their predecessors. ~Cassandra Coleman

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