Toy Story (1995)

In Toy Story, Andy’s sadistic neighbor, Sid, has a penchant for creating terrifying hybrid toys. After Woody and Buzz become trapped in Sid's bedroom, they’re surrounded by these monstrosities. The most terrifying toy crawls out from the shadows, revealing itself to be a baby head mounted atop robotic spider legs. As a kid, it was pretty thrilling to get our first taste of a horror movie creature as we witnessed a half-spider/half-baby, smiling and staring with its one remaining eye as it approaches its terrified prey. 

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  1. KandL • July 6, 2018 @ 11:51 AM

    that scene from Pinocihio has haunted me since I first saw it at my aunts place and she lives on a farm and has donkeys and you bet I never looked at those stupid donkeys the same ever again after!

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