Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Regarded by many as one of the greatest sequels of all time, Terminator 2: Judgment Day continued the story of Sarah Connor's (played by Linda Hamilton) fight to save the world from Skynet's impending robotic takeover. In a twist, we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator return as the good guy, reprogrammed to protect the lives he was previously sent to destroy. Movie fans loved the sequel, with the U.S. box office earning $204.84 million in ticket sales.  

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Comments & Discussion

  1. S. Fahey • November 7, 2017 @ 9:56 PM

    This isn’t even a list of highest grossing movies. If it were then Aladdin would be on this list over Batman Returns. Its a fact that Aladdin was the highest grossing movie of 1992. (I personally love both Aladdin and Batman Returns) Way to be salty over somebody’s opinion King Mixer lol.

  2. King Mixer • October 28, 2017 @ 10:38 PM

    This should be titled “Highest Grossing Films of the 90s.” Calling this “Top Films of the 90s” gives the false impression that the BEST films of the 90s will be represented here. I was expecting films like GOODFELLAS and BREAKING THE WAVES to be listed, only to find mostly popular garbage. I should have known better, this being TRIBUTE and all.

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