TV’s Hottest Women – 2017

Sometimes it’s not just a great storyline that makes a show so fun to watch, it’s also some of gorgeous faces in it. So, we’ve decided to pay tribute to some of the hottest actresses on TV right now, and chances are, if you haven’t started watching these shows yet, you might just want to start after seeing this list! ~Alexa Caruso

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  1. Joel • November 19, 2017 @ 3:18 AM

    Um I am not arguing that all of these women are attractive but to say they are the most attractive women on TV? What about the women of Gotham or any of the other super hero TV shows, like Arrow, Supergirl, Agents of Marvel, The Inhumans or Shannara Chronicles and Criminal Minds weren’t even mentioined? You can’t be serious.

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