Unconventional Christmas Classics

What’s better than curling up on a cold winter’s night to watch your favorite holiday classic? But let’s be real, how many times can one person watch Home Alone? Okay, a lot, it’s a pretty great movie. But still, we have a few suggestions that could put a spin on your typical holiday viewing with our list of unconventional Christmas classics! ~Alexa Caruso

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  1. Anne Do • December 9, 2021 @ 4:34 PM

    My favorite is Christmas vacation.

    Chevy Chase is so good in this movie. All he wants for Christmas is to have a perfect holidays with the family. But everything goes wrong. The lights on his house, the tree burns down, the turkey is way to cooked, the aunt has put cat kibble in her dessert, the cat & dog & squirrel do not help at all. Movie with many laughs guaranty

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