Planet of the Apes (2001)

This lackluster blockbuster from the mind of Tim Burton re-imagines the long-running Planet of the Apes franchise as something in between the original novel and the 1968 adaptation that followed, with lots of bizarre liberties taken on top of that. Though it's most commonly known for its infamous ending (which is rather unfairly despised, considering its vague similarity to the original novel's terrific final moments), Burton's film boasts some truly incomprehensible plot developments, inane character arcs and some extremely questionable, Hollywood-influenced decisions (why, oh why do the humans speak English?). The set and makeup design is pretty top-notch, though—so there's that.

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  1. Chris • August 27, 2016 @ 3:57 PM

    Who the heck wrote this article? It says “Gus Van Sant’s PSYCHO is fine” You gotta be kidding me! It might be the most terribly miscast film in Hollywood history! What a piece of junk!

  2. K. • August 27, 2016 @ 3:46 PM

    I have great affection for the original Clash of the Titans, but I actually prefer the remake (Just my opinion, folks.) I think the worst remakes are usually horror films: Psycho, The Wicker Man, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Evil Dead, Halloween, Dawn of the Dead. Those remakes were just dire.

  3. Balam • January 8, 2016 @ 2:35 PM

    Yes I’m afraid that new Clash of the Titans is far far worse than the original.

  4. uh.hellno • November 1, 2013 @ 6:24 PM

    New Clash of the titans is worse than the original? You must be out of your mind.

  5. tony • October 19, 2012 @ 10:38 PM

    unfortunatly i’ve seen most of these movies and the movie people should try for something better.

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