Quaid’s babies overdosed

Dennis QuaidDennis Quaid’s newborn twins were transferred to the intensive care unit after they were mistakenly given an overdose of the drug Heparin at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Thomas Boone Quaid and Zoe Grace Quaid, who were born November 8th, are fighting for their lives after they were given 10,000 unit doses of the blood thinner on Sunday morning and again in the evening. Their usual dose was 10 units. The twins began to “bleed out” after the second dose. The twins were born to Quaid and his third wife, Kimberly, via surrogate. Quaid also has a 17-year-old son with ex-wife Meg Ryan.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Joshua • November 21, 2007 @ 3:24 PM

    I wish Him and his family the best of luck in this time on hardship. My family and i will prey for you and yours.

  2. Anonymous 2 • November 21, 2007 @ 3:25 PM

    What happened is just awful.Hope the babies will be okay.

  3. silentbob • November 21, 2007 @ 4:05 PM

    That’s just sick. How could they make a mistake like that, I say Sue the hospital.

  4. Nancy • November 21, 2007 @ 7:23 PM

    What good will suing the hospital do??? Dennis Quaid is a rich man, he does not need the cash, and money is not the point anyways!! The taxpayers would be the ones footing the bill for that. The nurse was the one who screwed up, not once…..but TWICE!!! I’m sure she did not purposefully do this, but hey…you are in a profession where there is NO room for mistakes!! The Quaids patiently waited as surrogate parents for these two beautiful babies, and lucky babies they were, to be born to such wonderful parents who wanted them more than anything. I just don’t understand how someone could make such a drastic mistake. It wasn’t only off by a little, it was wrong…multiplied by 1000!! WTF???? I seriously hope this woman can never practice nursing or dispense medication to anyone ever again, and I truly hope that the Quaid twins can overcome this. God bless!

  5. Arnold • November 21, 2007 @ 11:36 PM

    Nothing should be commented on this post other than positive thoughts for those kids.

  6. Karen • November 22, 2007 @ 1:19 AM

    I hope those babies pull through. I am sure the one responsible will get what’s coming to her or him. I don’t see how a mistake that huge could go unnoticed. Or questioned at least. You know what they say about kids when they are born. Strong as an ox. Well, lets pray it is true, doubly so. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. May the Angels keep them safe and strong.

  7. NIKKI • November 22, 2007 @ 7:08 PM

    i am hoping that the babies are okay and live healthy lives. best of luck to the family during this difficult time

    i think it’s a bit odd….how does a hospital give a baby 1000x the amount they need?

  8. Anonymous • November 22, 2007 @ 8:03 PM

    This is just disquisting. Unbelieveable. Wether or not these babies pull through or resume healthy lives all medical staff involved in the dosage decision should indefinately lose their licences. They have lives in their and do not take this responsibility seriously enough to be practicing medicine. There is no excuse for this kind of error. Either way, Quaid should sue the petuties off the hospital. Do all people a favor, cause such a stink so maybe next time they will use the brains that only God knows how, got them through medical school.

  9. Nancy • November 22, 2007 @ 11:01 PM

    Poor you! Can’t spell either!!

  10. Gina • November 23, 2007 @ 12:36 AM

    Stop with the dam speling!
    Oh wat the hek, mabe Anonymous disurves to be corected lol

  11. Jamietwoshoes • November 23, 2007 @ 8:57 AM

    First I have heard of this but I will certainly say a prayer for Dennis and his wife and the children hope they can overcome this and with God’s help they will.

  12. Melissa • November 23, 2007 @ 9:30 AM

    its a specific topic discussion board not a judge the other comenter’s board , Get over it!

  13. Nancy • November 23, 2007 @ 9:32 AM


  14. Nancy • November 23, 2007 @ 9:34 AM

    Pot calling kettle ‘black’???

  15. jane • November 23, 2007 @ 9:46 AM

    come on kids stop the fighting. lol lol

  16. L.R.RAHN • November 23, 2007 @ 9:48 AM

    All Hospital’s in every country around the world,every Doctor and nurse that is the prime care givers of any person should be jailed for life for making errors in taking a person’s life who needs any medical help.
    My fiance died because of OOOOOOOOOPS,and I cannot sue because i live in Canada.
    Time for everyone ban together get lawyer’s to change OOOOOOOOOOOOPS laws.
    Murder is murder.

  17. Nancy • November 23, 2007 @ 10:02 AM

    I agree that ANYONE who takes a human life should be punished, and I am truly very sorry for your own personal loss. Although these two little ones have not died and hopefully will not. Also ‘murder’ is planned, intentional…manslaughter on the other hand…….

  18. Corey • November 23, 2007 @ 10:08 AM

    “My family and i will prey for you and yours.”

    Considering you’re reading celebrity gossip, that sounds about right.

  19. me • November 23, 2007 @ 10:27 AM

    Medical errors (especially ones this drastic) change peoples lives forever, and the ones responsible should lose their license for ever, they should never be allowed to practice medicine in any way ever again! What a shame, I really feel for those people. I hope the babies pull through and don’t have any lasting effects from this “mistake”.

  20. Ximena • November 23, 2007 @ 10:52 AM

    It doesn’t do any good to point fingers now, the only important thing is for the babies to recover well, I am praying for them.

  21. Violet • November 23, 2007 @ 10:58 AM

    I just don’t understand how someone could make a mistake of that magnitude and not question it. I really hope that everything turns out well for those poor little babies, especially after the parents going to such great lengths to have them born. I will pray for them and their parents.

    It just goes to show you that even if you have lots of money, things can always go wrong.

  22. Funnyface • November 23, 2007 @ 12:15 PM

    KNOWN AS THE DECIMAL ERROR! Read articles about this human phenomenon. It is the reason why many doctors and hospitals are looking for a good computerized dispensing process rather than relying on human attention and possible error. When very busy both doctors AND nurses AND pharmacists can misread or miswrite a number, either misplacing or forgetting the decimal point, WITH DRASTIC and sometimes FATAL results.

    Here’s hoping technology jumps in to solve these preventable medical catastrophes.

    This isn’t the first time this has happened to premature babies with blood thinner.

    Blessings to the Quaid family and strength to the babies!

    PS: How’s my spelling LOL 🙂

  23. Nancy • November 23, 2007 @ 1:20 PM

    Better than some!! LOL.

  24. a • November 23, 2007 @ 3:40 PM

    If you are able to graduate from med school you should not need to rely on technology to do you adding and multiplying for you. there are no excuses for what has happened to those babies.
    Also I am suprised that no one has thought of sabotage. This is a celebrity we are talking about….

  25. Nancy • November 23, 2007 @ 3:50 PM

    Sure, and someone purposefully got the elephants drunk so that Paris’ protests could be all over the news too!!!!

  26. Kristin • November 23, 2007 @ 4:56 PM

    There were other people who were overdosed at the same time, a on. But because they were bigger/older, it didn’t affect them as much.

  27. Gewher • November 23, 2007 @ 9:00 PM

    Lord above. No child deserves that. Poor babies. Sounds like an outside the womb abortion to me.

  28. Rick • November 23, 2007 @ 10:27 PM

    I feel very sorry for the babies ant the Quaid family. My God watch over them and protect them.
    I will pray for them to recover fully.
    I also feel sorry for the nurse. He or she must feel terrible. I’m sure it was a honest mistake.
    I will pray for him or her also.
    We are all human and we all make mistakes.
    I pray that this mistake will work out for the good.

  29. Nancy • November 24, 2007 @ 1:10 AM

    Wow! I totally understand praying for someone, and no offence intended Rick, but you won’t get any sleep tonight if you really do all that praying!!!

  30. Patricia • November 24, 2007 @ 4:14 AM

    I hope he sues the ass off Cedars Sinai that kind of mistake is unforgivable that could have long term affects on those babies. I hope they recover quickly. I wish nothing but good things for Dennis Quaid and his family!
    What kind of world are we living in today when we can’t even trust the Drs./specialist who are treating us and our children to know what they are doing and then they say oops and that is the end of it? Shame on the Drs. treating those babies!

  31. Anonymous • November 24, 2007 @ 4:19 PM

    To Funnface:
    It may be known as THE DECIMAL ERROR, but guess who programmes the computers? Humans. So – we can only hope the programmers know what’s what too!!!

    That aside – let’s hope the kids are okay.

  32. Anonymous • November 24, 2007 @ 4:22 PM

    See, even i can’t spell. That last message was to “Funnyface”, but I’m in a library typing this, it’s bloody cold in here and my fingers stop working when they are frozen!

  33. ashlee • November 25, 2007 @ 1:11 PM

    I cannot believe that the hospital could make this kind of mistake , and on such young children>.

  34. ashlee • November 25, 2007 @ 1:13 PM

    i hope the twins get well ASAP, and that the hospital realizes the mistake that was made.

  35. 'Diane • November 28, 2007 @ 9:25 AM

    People need to understand that doc and nurses
    are not god only human beings and yes
    they do make mistakes lots of them
    I can vouch for that I have had a doc make
    a huge medical error.
    Trust me this person who made this error if they have a conscience they are paying dearly.
    If not then they should be punished.
    God Bless those two little angels hope they
    make it thru.
    This is really the only thing that matters
    isn’t it.
    The hospital needs a review.

  36. me • November 28, 2007 @ 3:47 PM

    An “error”??? Are you serious??? How could they confuse 10 units with 10,000 units? These are NEWBORN INFANTS!!!

  37. me • November 28, 2007 @ 3:47 PM

    An “error”??? Are you serious??? How could they confuse 10 units with 10,000 units? These are NEWBORN INFANTS!!! They are waaaaay too little for 10,000 units of ANYTHING!!! Anyone who made a mistake of this magnitude should no longer be allowed to practice medicine.

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