Rihanna bodyguard punches photographer

Rihanna`s bodyguard punched a photographer Rihanna's bodyguard was reportedly involved in a physical altercation with the paparazzi. A photographer got too close to the singer while she was in London on Sunday night (24.06.12) only to be punched by one of her bodyguards, according to website TMZ.com. It remains unclear if the photographer was knocked out by the hit. She has been working on new material during her stay in the English capital city. It was recently claimed that Chris Brown feels "really sorry" for the people who were injured in his fight with Drake. The 23-year-old singer was involved in a brawl with Drake at a nightclub in New York on June 14 and while he wishes to pass on his regret about the incident - in which sports star Tony Parker sustained an injury to his eye - he claims he did not start it. A source said: "Chris is really sorry and feels bad for the people who were injured at the club when all that s**t went down and wishes he could apologize to everyone that was injured there, even homeboy Tony Parker." Drake is believed to have started the fight when his entourage sent a note to Chris about his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

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  1. Suneagle • June 27, 2012 @ 12:04 PM

    Actors “Famous people” are just the same as me or you. Thier not Gods so why do we put them on such a high pedestal? It’s because the rolls they’ve played in there films or the music they make the sports they play or the kids of parents where they came from. We need to have respect for them and understand that they are working just like you and I and we should respect thier profession. Furthure more there should be a law passed publicly that going up to a “Famous” person can get you fined for privacy and mauling an individual. It should be noted that when an officer see’s a bombardment of people surrounding an individual that that officer should take action and proceed to break up the crowd and by the individual’s reaction (famous person) the officer can issue fines or or arrest certain un respectful fans etc. The fines are not linked or caused by the famous person they are done by how distraught the officer feels the famous person was and it can be waved or dismissed by the individual (famous person). So if ever someone goes up to a celeb to ask a question or they are having a polite conversation fines will not be issued. Also the famous person can’t be power tripping saying “Hey you officer fine this guy he’s bothering me” the famous person needs to be in a state of panic or distraught. Finally the law should fine all who take pictures. Everyone and anyone attempting to take pictures of celebs will be fined, this includes hacking celebs computers, following them around taking pictures while the eat, sleep, etc etc, No more paparazzi’s is the bottom line! That being said celebs should now agree to do a promotions for thier new project they should do a “Meet and greet” signing etc to allow a time when anyone can take pictures and get an autograph All done by secure means giving the chance for fans to interact with their favorite celeb. It’s not fair that a famous person can’t walk in the park with thier kids and maybe a dog and enjoy LIFE all because he/she hit a home run or played Thor in the last movie etc. Unfair. Kids of celebs at school should be treated the same way and watched closely by the teachers and princables. This law should be in effect and I’m very surprised that “Famous” people didn’t all ban together to pass something like this. It could be good for anyone getting bombarded on the streets. 🙂 so I’m not in any way feeling sorry for the punch I hope her Body Guard  punched him good. As for the guy that took the video of the drake fight in that case he shouldn’t be fined because he didn’t plan to take a video and anyone with there phones these days can snap a pic and what “Famous” people need to understand is that they will forever be in the public eye and should respect their own image. Starting a fight was very immature. 

  2. Suneagle • June 27, 2012 @ 12:49 PM

    Thx Tribute for posting. I know that was a little long lol. I’ll try to cut it next time :):):):) u guys rock!

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