Riverdale S3, Episode 12 review – Bizzarodale

By Tribute on February 11, 2019 | 2 Comments

Casey Cott as Kevin“OMG, I’m gonna miss Moose so much!”

Maybe not exactly the response most Riverdale fans had seeing the most recent episode, but he was always vestigial.

Moose, in the comics, was the big beefy dumb jock who was a source of comic relief. Come to think of it, EVERY character in the comics was a comic relief.

Instead, Kevin and Moose consummated their love in Dilton’s bunker before being kidnapped by none other than Moose’s own homophobic father.

It’s later revealed Moose’s father had a sexual attraction to Sheriff Keller when they were teens, but it was never reciprocated. After seeing the Sisters of Quiet Mercy (ugh!), he learned to repress his sexuality. However, learning Kevin and Moose were an item brought back those feelings, and compelled Moose’s dad to become Gargoyle King 2.0.

Ok. OK. So remember how I said Riverdale needed a character who was a homophobe to create conflict?

Well, that doesn’t work when it’s a character the audience DOESN’T EVEN KNOW!


We’ve never met Moose’s dad. All we know is he’s a nefarious bad guy. BOO! BOO!

The disgusting part of bigotry isn’t that it’s perpetrated by “evil” or “bad” people, but that people who are OTHERWISE DECENT harbor these views.

Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) is a small town, simple man, football-playing construction worker. Are you SERIOUSLY telling me he has ZERO issues with homophobia. Ok fine, not Fred. But what about Pop? He’s a lovable old man, but you’re telling me he’s A-OK with Kevin making goo goo eyes at Moose in a booth in his diner?

Take Archie (KJ Apa) and Josie. They’re dating now. Yay! And to add to the love, Josie’s mom and Kevin’s dad got married. Yippee!!

But I swear, if they make an evil goblin-loving person object to their interracial love, I’m gonna scream.

Why can’t an otherwise lovable character, or heck, even somewhat lovable character be opposed to interracial dating. It could be a black character, they don’t have to be white. They just have to have redeeming qualities.

If Fred doesn’t want his son dating a black girl, it would launch a million gasps in living rooms around the world. Every news outlet would be talking about Riverdale! And it would open up a very real conversation and reveal a universal truth — racism did not die or go away, it simply became more subtle.

Ok, not Fred. But why not FP? Why can’t he say something stupid about Archie and Josie? Imaging the fiery scene between Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and his dad.

Forget the Gargoyle King, or those stupid Fizzle Rocks, that’s drama.

Imagine seeing Betty (Lili Reinhart) almost on the brink of tears because her boyfriend’s father was a bigot this whole time. Imagine the fire in her when she finally confronts him.

But no. Knowing Riverdale it’ll either be the Blossoms, the Sisters or those stupid Goblin mask-wearing assholes who object to interracial dating. Because remember boys and girls, only “bad guys” are racists and homophobes!

“Why does anyone have to object to it, why are you so hung up on this?”

Because Riverdale had no problem making interracial dating an issue for Josie’s mom and Kevin’s dad. They had no problem using LGBTQ+ characters and showing how they were persecuted.

This show has no problem using “social justice” for ratings, but heaven forbid they explore bigotry with any depth. They’re too busy selling Fizzle Rocks to Goblins, or whatever the hell they have planned for the second half of season 3.

How do you think Archie and Josie’s relationship will go? Let me know in the comments. ~Yanis Khamsi

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  1. Joseph • February 26, 2019 @ 8:11 AM

    I miss Ethel. #thicc

  2. Nadia • February 27, 2019 @ 6:28 PM

    The accuracy!!!! Bizzarodale!! HAHAHAHA it’s Fred it’s totally Fred!! This is a fantasy world of course they won’t address real world issues.

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