Rose Byrne’s career frustration

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Rose ByrneRose Byrne,35, sometimes thinks about quitting acting. The Bridesmaids actress finds it ”frustrating” having to constantly prove herself but though she occasionally considers turning her back on showbusiness, she doesn’t think she would find anything else she enjoyed as much. She said, ”I’ve always felt the need to prove (myself) again and again, and that can take its toll. On a frustrating day, it’s like, ‘Ugh, I want to do something else,’ but I know essentially it’s what I love to do the most, even when there are times that it’s hard.”

The Damages star thinks acting is more of a ”beauty pageant” for women these days and she feels men are still offered better roles. She told The Edit magazine, ”[Glenn Close and I] talk about how [acting] is a completely different game now. There wasn’t as much scrutiny and it wasn’t such a beauty pageant before. It’s hard, especially in this business and especially for women. I hate to be a broken record about it, but if I compared my career to my male contemporaries, I feel like they get a lot more opportunities to play lead roles and have a potential story in something, whereas women’s roles, as the wife or the mother, are limited. It’s a harder thing for women to navigate.”

The actress also ”admires” people who wait for the right role to come along and wishes she had been brave enough to do the same. She added, ”I really admire people who wait, who have the wherewithal to say, ‘I’m not going to just do anything, I’m going to wait for something I love, whether it’s big or small.’ I think there’s a bravery in that which I have probably lacked.”

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