Rose McGowan: Sexism stance didn’t do much for my career

Rose McGowanRose McGowan, 42, is proud of herself for deciding to reveal the inherent sexism in Hollywood but accepts her choice ”didn’t do much for her career.”

The actress took to Twitter to post a casting note that was sent to her with a script for an Adam Sandler film that asked all actresses attend their auditions wearing ”a dark form fitting tank that shows off cleavage and form fitting leggings or jeans.”

Although she was praised for her post, Rose was subsequently fired by her agent and although she accepts that her stance has had a long-term effect on her work opportunities, she has no regrets.

Speaking to the new issue of Prestige Hong Kong magazine, she said: ”Ah, the tweet heard around the world! I think it was good, though it didn’t do much for my career. The day after I was walking out of the Lincoln Center screening of Dawn, which should have been a high point of my career until I got an email that my agency was firing me! By this point I thought I may as well be a spokesperson for women – if no one else is doing it I might as well be one.”

Rose considers herself a committed feminist but gets angry when she is described as ”anti-men” for her beliefs.

The Machete actress insists she just wants equality for women all over the world and certainly doesn’t hate men.

She explained: ”Some people have called me anti-men, but why does wanting equality have anything to do with hating men? It’s a reductive way to think. In terms of things I want to achieve, there’s a lot happening. I want to launch guidelines for Hollywood to follow and I’d like to get DC involved in this. There’s so much criminal activity in Hollywood that needs to stop. It’s like the police policing themselves – it’s not gonna work. I also want to use my films as a platform to give people a voice.”

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  1. Cliff • October 6, 2015 @ 10:58 AM

    I wouldn’t expect someone who slept with her married director to have any common sense. If you’re sent an audition notice like that, it’s for a certain kind of role. Men get the same thing – certain productions are looking for guys with muscles and flat stomachs and are asked to dress so the producers can see that they’ve got what they’re asking for. I’m not surprised she was dumped by her agent. There wasn’t anything wrong with the request, if she didn’t like it, don’t go and wait for a different kind of role to be offered. Or go, dress however you want and don’t get the role, but don’t be rude, they’re offering work and there are a lot of people who would do anything for a job.

  2. Tabatha • November 20, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

    Her movie career was over before she went public with Weinstein’s name.

    It’s hard to take her sexism complaints seriously when she publicly exposes so much of her body constantly and after allegedly being raped by Weinstein while working for him, slept with her director, contributing to the breakup of his longterm marriage and family. She walked red carpets with her breasts barely covered and other times almost entirely naked. Sexism is real, but it is hard to accept her as an activist against it when she embraced it so heartily.

    There are other female actors who dress like she does but they aren’t usually the most successful or most respected but are what the industry used to call “starlets”, second rung or lower in the actor hierarchy, always sexy and at least a little sleazy looking.

  3. Tabatha • November 20, 2017 @ 6:32 PM

    Uh no, her recent tweets have contained some ugly, anti-male statements, including about boys.

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