Sam Worthington arrested for fighting

Sam Worthington has been charged with disorderly conduct. The Man on a Ledge star was arrested Saturday for allegedly fighting and had to be subdued with pepper spray. A police source told that the actor got into a violent argument outside The Vortex bar in Atlanta, Georgia after he was refused entry for being intoxicated and failing to produce ID. According to the official report, an eyewitness told police the 36-year-old actor, who is currently in Atlanta filming his new movie Ten alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, became disorderly and allegedly pushed the club's doorman twice before he was pepper sprayed and restrained by security staff. The incident is said to have been captured in full by the bar's security cameras and Sam was put in handcuffs until police arrived at the scene and arrested him. Earlier this year, Sam said he was trying to live a calmer life and admitted he can be a very difficult person to live with. He said: "I think I'm still a very difficult person to live with, because my motor's always running but as you get older you try to slow down and live life at a calmer pace."

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  1. Sam • November 6, 2012 @ 11:21 AM

    Actors who create trouble off set soon find themselves out of work because there are a lot of actors who want jobs and one who is available and not in jail is always preferable. Look at what happened to Edward Furlong.

  2. billy the kid • November 6, 2012 @ 12:13 PM

    That’s true. I also think that many actors forget that part of their job (actually maybe the hardest) is to stay out of trouble so they function and work. While there ‘is no such thing as bad publicity’, some don’t understand that bad behaviour is unprofessional and no one in your industry will want to deal with that.

  3. C-Dub • November 6, 2012 @ 3:32 PM

    Pushed a bouncer twice…I guess that’s such an important club to get into.
    These guys need to grow up. You aren’t that important.

  4. Suneagle • November 6, 2012 @ 4:05 PM

    Bouncers power tripping. They really need to go to school to learn and get a license how to do security. A man of this stature should of been let in to generate more busisness. I’m sure the owner was pleased that the power tripping bouncer refused his entry. I’m sure Sam wasn’t so intoxicated that he was falling on the floor etc. A foolish door man I you ask me.

  5. Meow Meow • November 6, 2012 @ 11:45 PM

    Other than being certain that Sam Worthington is a hunk, I was undecided on this one until I read Suneagle’s response… he’s right… business is business… Worthington would be good for business… It’s not like the guy is a murderer or had a gun and a vendetta… Sure he’s clearly a hot head, but the guy isn’t dangerous. They should have let him in to spend his money and make them money… This isn’t church, it’s a bar.

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