Scarlett Johansson should get $66k for hacking

Scarlett Johansson`s nude pictures were leaked Scarlett Johansson should be paid $66,719.49 in restitution by admitted hacker Christopher Chaney. According to the sentencing recommendation filed by the US State's Attorneys' Office, the Avengers actress is entitled to that amount after having her privacy invaded. The federal court recommended only $7,500 for Christina Aguilera who was also a victim when naked images were obtained by Christopher. 'The Voice' US judge's amount came about because although her email was hacked, she never had to deal with a website posting her nude photographs like Scarlett. However, the state's attorney finds it "unlikely," given his employment record, that the hacker will be able to "repay any significant amount to the victims." Therefore, they are also asking for a "high-end" prison sentence of 71 months. Apparently he took naked images of Christina from her stylist's email account and Scarlett's from emails she sent to her then husband Ryan Reynolds. Chaney pleaded guilty in March to nine counts of unauthorised computer access and wiretapping. He hacked almost daily for two years into email accounts of 50 people in the entertainment industry. His sentencing is scheduled for July 23.

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  1. Suneagle • June 27, 2012 @ 11:50 AM

    Shit like this is so un fair. We are never safe with hackers but theres really nothing we can do but be more vigil on obtaining knowledge about computers and understanding how they work. A mere virus scanner and/or firewall is a walk in the park for these hackers to break through. Celebs should be even more careful. But like I said if there was a law against paparazzi type activity and publicly bugging celebs for autographs and mauling them on the streets this guy would have been fined for more money therefore sentenced for more prison time. Unfortunalty the damage is done now and the only thing these girls can do in my opinion is actuly do a tasteful nude scene under their control to to enhance our opinion that might have been set looking at a non professional photo that was hacked. If thier not worried about that then good for them. They shouldn’t be worried their both beautiful woman inside and out and deserve all the respect. NOTE TO HACKERS; I applaud you always for having the knowledge and the guts for doing things outside the “limits” but stop being on the wrong side of wall. Why not try to hack in and find truths about what really happend on 911 why not hack in the BS billion dollar cancer society that claim they don’t have a cure (becuase they want to create a man made product they can control, all the cures came out already but all of them are natural products the the consumer could grow or make at home and thus they won’t distribute it because they can’t patent it) why not do something constructive like what some of you did in the past. Stop using your talents agaisnt us being greedy and selfish when you dam well know that the Internet war will soon begin we all could use your help. Time for you to choose Hero or Villain.

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