Stacey Dash’s solution to lack of diversity: Get rid of Black History Month

By Tribute on January 21, 2016 | 8 Comments

Stacey Dash at the 18th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award PartyClueless star Stacey Dash is a vocal right-wing Conservative and she certainly proved it with her latest comments on Fox & Friends yesterday.

The Fox News contributor, 48, sat down with host Steve Doocy to talk about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, specifically the backlash surrounding the predominately white nominees for this year’s Oscars.

The actress called Jada Pinkett Smith‘s boycott of the Oscars “ludicrous,” and said selecting the awards based on race would be a “disservice” to the Academy members.

“I hope they’re looking for the best movies and the best actors,” she said.

She also called for the elimination of the BET Channel and NAACP Image Awards.

Stacey, who is African-American herself, said: “Either we want to have segregation or integration. And if we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the [NAACP] Image Awards where you’re only awarded if you’re black. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. It’s a double standard.”

When Doocy asked her to reiterate her stance on the BET Channel, Stacey went even further with her opinions.

“Just like there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. You know? We’re Americans. Period. That’s it,” the outspoken Republican said.

She said because there isn’t a “White History Month,” then black people shouldn’t have one either.

The political pundit is no stranger to controversy. In 2012, she infamously quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. when endorsing Mitt Romney over Barack Obama for president. A year earlier, she tweeted out her support of Paula Deen, after the TV personality was caught using the N-word. ~Shelby Morton

Comments & Discussion

  1. Cliff • January 21, 2016 @ 10:20 AM

    She has a point. Why are black people wanting to be segregated when they fought so hard not to be? Not only for awards shows, but they even want segregated schools now. But as a white person, I was surprised no black people were nominated. Maybe not this year, but definitely last year. Selma should have had at least a Best Actor nominations for David Oyelowo. He turned in an amazing, nuanced performance. This year, were there black actors left out? Maybe. Were there white actors who didn’t get nominations? Of course. There are a lot of performances every year and it’s tough to pick just five. But there should be a little more diversity. Even though Will Smith’s accent was bad in Concussion, he probably should have scored a nomination, he was almost unrecognizable in the movie. Besides, Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t do anything that great in The Revenant. Same for Matt Damon in The Martian. They were good, but the roles didn’t require that much.

  2. Teresa • January 21, 2016 @ 12:39 PM

    She is correct. (in a way) It is time we stop labelling people period. Not white, black, Asian, how about just people. All people should be treated the same, we need to be recognised for what we do – not what colour language sex etc… THAT being said – it will not happen, so until people stop having segregated minds – well – you get the point.

  3. B • January 21, 2016 @ 12:42 PM

    It’s about time someone finally speaks up on this issue!

  4. CDubya • January 21, 2016 @ 2:15 PM

    Jada looks like she is boycotting the awards because Will isn’t nominated. Stacy looks like a pro-white supporter (sell out maybe?) to the African American community because she is voicing her option and she dates and marries white guys (perception). Although I don’t read the article as she is pro-white, I read it as she is trying to get everyone to be neutral about race and such. Others will see it as her being a sell out.
    She does have a point. There isn’t a ‘white awareness month’. Or ‘White pride parade’. But I guess until minority communities feel that they are recognized, it will continue. FYI since the 70’s the biggest sports and entertainment/celebs are black. in the 80’s it was Eddie Murphy for movies and Bill Cosby was “Americas dad”! Will Smith even took over as the best action hero in the late 90’s thru 2000’s. I could go on and on…

  5. UBDave • January 21, 2016 @ 3:48 PM

    I am pleased to hear Stacy, an African American (we’re not supposed to call them Blacks anymore, even though they can), say what many of us have thought for years. Why a ‘Black History Month’ or BET channel, which is devoted strictly for Blacks. As she says, this would not be tolerated if it was the reverse.. “White History Month” of WET channel.
    The same can be said about the Pride parades. Why do gays feel the need to flaunt their sexuality, when straights don’t!
    Anyway, Stacy is a brave woman for finally speaking publicly what many of us have been thinking for years.

  6. Kat • January 21, 2016 @ 5:28 PM

    I agree with her! Get the chip off your shoulder, we’re all equal.

  7. Dazey • January 21, 2016 @ 8:23 PM

    Bravo!Stacey. Well said.

  8. George B • January 21, 2016 @ 9:23 PM

    She is correct. Good for her. Its like reverse segregation they are trying to do now by boycotting the Oscars. Who care if Pinket or Smith don’t show up. They are both Has-beens anyways.

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