Star Wars LEGO giveaway and LEGO Imagine Nation Tour!

First Order LEGO Star Wars giveawayThe first-ever LEGO Imagine Nation Tour is travelling across Canada this summer and will kick off in Ottawa for a three-day experience June 10 to 12 at the EY Centre.

The brick building extravaganza is filled with 13 pavillions of interactive digital experiences, hands-on building activities and over 20 stunning life-sized LEGO models.

Movie fans can enjoy Star Wars themed LEGO or if you enjoy more classic LEGO, the Imagine Nation tour includes activities for each play theme from the LEGO Group.

In addition, attendees get a rare chance to learn building techniques from a Master Builder, contribute to a 40′ community-built LEGO maple leaf mosaic, snap photos with any of over 20 life-size LEGO models, including the eight-foot-tall LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes Avengers model, and even demo the newest and most popular LEGO video games.

The tour hits Montreal from August 12 to 14; Calgary from September 9 to 11; Vancouver from September 20 to October 2; and Toronto from October 14 to 16, 2016.

For more information, ticket info, and experience descriptions, click here.

If you would like to win one of five Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder sets (pictured above), tell us below what’s your favorite (or your child’s favorite) thing to build with LEGO?

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Comments & Discussion

  1. jay malcolm • June 5, 2016 @ 9:29 PM

    my son always a space ship and planes

  2. lynn clayton • June 5, 2016 @ 9:51 PM


  3. carol • June 5, 2016 @ 10:07 PM

    my nephew would love this for his birthday

  4. Shoshi • June 5, 2016 @ 10:54 PM

    my son loves building cars, he builds all different ones and futuristic looking ones too

  5. cindy park • June 5, 2016 @ 11:53 PM

    my children absolutely adore mindstorm lego robotics, lego movies, gaming, blocks, and legoland. you name it! star wars lego abounds, lego movie is a favorite in several languages but they are particularly gifted and obsessed with robotics since forever. they are actually trying to fundraise to bring mindstorm robotics to their schools! This prize would make them so happy! !

  6. Arturo • June 6, 2016 @ 12:19 AM

    My favorite thing to build with LEGO are the playsets for the Marvel and DC Superheroes.

  7. Sharon • June 6, 2016 @ 12:31 AM


  8. Tim • June 6, 2016 @ 1:30 AM

    My son loves to build LEGO Star Wars sets.

  9. Galen Chin • June 6, 2016 @ 3:37 AM

    Ever since I was a kid, I was very interested in building modular buildings to exhibit. It was just so much fun!

  10. Lisa Mihalovics • June 6, 2016 @ 5:51 AM

    A wall

  11. Jeff • June 6, 2016 @ 6:34 AM

    My son’s favourite things to build are vehicles or headquarters for his Lego characters.

  12. Michelle Moreau • June 6, 2016 @ 7:06 AM

    All five of us in our family (young and older 😉) love building virtually everything and anything with LEGO! Cars, ships, boats, villages — and most recently, a reinactment of the Canadian’s at JUNO beach landing for a school project! So much fun for relaxing, learning and family quality time!!

  13. Shane Dilbeck • June 6, 2016 @ 7:54 AM

    I like to design and build bridges and buildings out of Legos.

  14. Lincoln • June 6, 2016 @ 7:55 AM

    Love building cars!

  15. Laurent Latulippe • June 6, 2016 @ 7:56 AM

    As a child my brother and I use to build robots.

  16. Amy Heffernan • June 6, 2016 @ 9:15 AM

    My son loves to build cars with his legos! Thanks!

  17. Gerard Deveaux • June 6, 2016 @ 9:25 AM

    I usually build spaceships or castles.

  18. Marla • June 6, 2016 @ 9:31 AM

    My little princesses love to build castles and rockstar stages to have their little princesses sing and play. They recently started liking star wars because of their dad. Lol

  19. tara • June 6, 2016 @ 9:38 AM

    At this moment my son loves to build safes out of lego, however he will also try to duplicate things he sees in lego at all times. He also likes to ask what we think he should build then he tries to make it. Lego is always top of the Christmas / birthday list!!!

  20. Linda C • June 6, 2016 @ 9:44 AM

    Lego planes are the favourites here.

  21. Dawn Lawry • June 6, 2016 @ 9:47 AM

    My favorite lego’s to build is anything Star Wars as I am a great fan of Star wars and would love to own one of the Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder sets

  22. ARMAN PARSI • June 6, 2016 @ 9:58 AM


  23. Steve Thorne • June 6, 2016 @ 10:08 AM

    I always loved the original space set.
    I used to make stop motion space adventures with them.

  24. sascha • June 6, 2016 @ 10:45 AM

    My kid takes after me and uses her imagination to build different vehicles, buildings and more. We both love to work together and build the giant sets that have over 500 pieces that keeps us busy for hours and hours.

  25. Olivier • June 6, 2016 @ 10:57 AM

    My sister got a lego spaceship in the early 80’s. My fun was to build it with the instructions. Play with it a day or two and to destroy it and rebuild again!

  26. Scott Simpson • June 6, 2016 @ 11:12 AM

    Well, I personally don’t have children….and of course I grew up playing and building with “Lego” myself….even days at a time. But now I have 2 incredibly smart and imaginative Nephews that absolutely LOVE “Lego”….and anything to do with Lego 🙂 Sadly, I haven’t seen them for quite awhile, so I’m not sure what they’re building these days…..but they were building working mini machines of all types using the lego motors and such (completely blowing my mind of course)…….after all, at that time, these guys were only 10 years old or so. Just incredible. This Star Wars gift would be wonderful for sure……not only to add to their infinite Lego Collection, but be a special memory that them and I would always be able to have and remember 🙂 Thanks for the chance, Tribute.

  27. Robert • June 6, 2016 @ 11:20 AM

    My daughter (5) loves the Disney Princess LEGO sets.

  28. Allan Simpson • June 6, 2016 @ 11:42 AM

    Our Grandsons both love Lego. They have been playing with Lego all their lives and are 12 and 13 now. Any Lego they have had through the years they’ve built and that is a lot. They have always really liked using their imagination (more so now) and build what comes to mind. Lego has always been the tool that allows them to that. Thank you Lego

  29. Doug • June 6, 2016 @ 12:47 PM

    Love to build Pirate Ships – at 68!

  30. joseph head • June 6, 2016 @ 1:11 PM

    Lego has the greatest build-it toys

  31. jennie • June 6, 2016 @ 2:03 PM

    My favourite thing to build with lego was always a house or a castle.

  32. Dylan • June 6, 2016 @ 3:17 PM

    Classic castle lego still fires my imagination up after 25 years. I love to build realistic lego fortresses inspired by real world castles.

  33. John Falsetto • June 6, 2016 @ 3:59 PM

    My son LOVES to create homegrown hero sets with him and me as the minifigures (and someetimes his sisters and mom), and a vehicle of some kind.

    My first daughter love to create animals and buildings.

    My second daughter is only 15 months old, she’s already warming up with Duplo and I have no doubt she’ll be building cool Lego creations when she’s old enough :).



  34. Joylyn • June 6, 2016 @ 5:23 PM

    Both my Husband and Daughter love to build the Lego Star Wars sets.

  35. Marc • June 6, 2016 @ 5:25 PM

    The whole family is somewhat “lego-nut”! The boys are freaking out on Minecraft and Chima series, while the Wife and I like to design crazy stuff.
    My daughter does not like the girly stuff either.. She wants dragons and monsters (and fast cars. hahaha)

    It’s awesome that they’re coming to OTtawa.

  36. Zvi • June 6, 2016 @ 5:31 PM

    my son loves to build houses

  37. Claire • June 7, 2016 @ 12:01 AM

    My son loves to use LEGO and mini figures (storm troopers) to create his very own Star Wars “base”. Basically LEGO and Star Wars are his two favourite things!!!

  38. stephanie segal • June 7, 2016 @ 9:52 AM

    they love yo use the blocks to spell out words, and to have ‘lego battles’ that include daddy!

  39. Sandra • June 7, 2016 @ 12:37 PM

    At the moment, it’s all about Minecraft for my 6-year old. Or whatever creation pops into his imagination!

  40. German Lopez • June 7, 2016 @ 1:48 PM

    My kiddo and I love building vehicles and planes. Both pre designed sets and diy vehicles. We’re pretty good at it LOL

  41. Rory • June 7, 2016 @ 1:57 PM

    I love building lego creator buildings, such as the palace cenima, town hall and the deli corner. Dragons seem to appeal me as well.

  42. Bailey Dexter • June 7, 2016 @ 3:19 PM

    My grandson loves to build cities with LEGO, then he starts building strange looking homes for weird looking people LOL!

  43. Keagen • June 7, 2016 @ 3:35 PM

    I love building star wars lego mostly the ships

  44. Kate • June 8, 2016 @ 6:47 AM

    He loves to build rockets and space shuttles and he loves the mixels characters!

  45. Kyan • June 9, 2016 @ 8:18 AM

    I have always loved building mechs out of lego. My childhood was spent trying to incorporate lego exo suits into my GI Joe arsenal.

  46. Sheri • June 9, 2016 @ 8:34 AM

    My son loves to build spaceships. Both the sets and ones he makes up his own.

  47. sandy • June 9, 2016 @ 12:05 PM

    The quality time we spend together as a family, sitting around the table and just talking and building. Then finally the finished project, we all sit back and admire, then grab more Legos and add on some more buildings or cars, planes, boats, whatever we need! It’s fun for kids and adults, we just love Legos in our family! This is a bonus too, we all love star wars 🙂 thanks for the chance tribute!

  48. Debra F • June 9, 2016 @ 6:44 PM

    space ships

  49. Lisa • June 10, 2016 @ 5:08 PM

    My son loves to create his own spaceships

  50. Joe • June 10, 2016 @ 6:34 PM

    My daughter and son love building a fleet with a wide variety of neatships, as well as base, trees, speeders, and a landing platform.

  51. Jessica C • June 19, 2016 @ 3:08 PM

    My son loves to build unique trucks that do special jobs.

  52. Vivien • August 4, 2016 @ 6:09 PM

    The only thing that can keep my 6yo son entertained for a long period of time is building a Lego set. He has so many already, but he loves Star Wars, Super Heroes… actually pretty much every genre.
    Just got tickets for the Imagine Nation Tour in Vancouver. Yipee!

  53. Jeanette • August 6, 2016 @ 12:36 PM

    I have a 19 year old autistic son that loveshe Lego City! He also has reached out to you tube and has learned many builds as well. Lego has taught him strength and preservence and courage to keep trying.

  54. Andy • August 29, 2016 @ 3:04 PM

    My son loves building the superhero sets.

  55. Lisa • September 27, 2016 @ 4:05 AM

    My two sons love to build Star Wars spaceships, bases & characters & then they like to battle each other & see who wins. They especially like making different things with Mine Craft Lego.

  56. Tania pagliuca • January 10, 2017 @ 5:05 AM

    My boys love to build anything from lego the more the better.

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