The Conjuring 2 trailer storms (and scares) the web

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Audiences were first introduced to demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren in James Wan‘s terrifying 2013 hit The Conjuring, which grossed a whopping $320 million at the box office on a $20 million budget. The trailer for his follow-up project, The Conjuring 2, was released at WonderCon over the weekend and with it, we’re reacquainted with the Warrens and taken across the pond as they tackle the true story of the Enfield Poltergeist.

Actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine in the haunting sequel that sees their characters take on what is referred to as “England’s Amityville.” Set in 1977, Ed and Lorraine aim to help an English family that’s being tortured by an evil spirit. It appears that one child is particularly plagued by the menacing force.

Bursting with horrifying imagery, the trailer features Lorraine saying, “After everything we’ve seen, there isn’t much that rattles either of us anymore. But this one, this one still haunts me.” We can hardly contain ourselves.

The film is set to terrorize audiences when it hits screens on June 10, 2016. ~Matthew Pariselli

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