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THE LAST AIRBENDERAir, Water, Earth, Fire. Four nations tied by destiny when the Fire Nation launches a brutal war against the others. A century has passed with no hope in sight to change the path of this destruction. Caught between combat and courage, Aang (Noah Ringer) discovers he is the lone Avatar with the power to manipulate all four elements. Aang teams with Katara (Nicola Peltz), a Waterbender, and her brother, Sokka (Jackson Rathbone), to restore balance to their war-torn world.

Based on the hugely successful Nickelodeon animated TV series, the live-action feature film The Last Airbender is the opening chapter in Aang’s struggle to survive.

Written, Produced and Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
In Theatres, July 2, 2010

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Comments & Discussion

  1. James • June 27, 2009 @ 10:11 AM

    this should be nice

  2. Earl 101 • June 27, 2009 @ 1:57 PM

    The trailer looks interesting enough, but I never followed the show. Also part of me wonders if this is an attempt by Shyamalan to boost his career after “The Happening”.

  3. Jo-Anne • June 27, 2009 @ 3:29 PM

    haha Earl, I saw The Happening and it sure wasn’t happening for me!

  4. bubbles • June 28, 2009 @ 11:13 AM

    The Happening was a great movie, IMO it was merketed wrong – same happened to Stephen King’s The Mist.
    Shyamalan seems to be goign back to his more commercial ways, which I guess pays the bills better than the obscure – lets not forget he did the Stewart Littles.
    Looking at the release dates for next year, it seems that he’s going to try and take on Prince Of Persia with this one – which will probably prove to be a mistake in the long run.

    Still this trailer looks promising, I do enjoy a good fantasy epic 🙂

  5. Earl 101 • June 28, 2009 @ 12:53 PM

    I enjoyed The Mist. I did not enjoy The Happening,or Signs. I find Shyamalan to, sometimes, be hit or miss.

    I watched some episodes of the show to get an idea of what it was like. It was interesting. I am not into Animes or Manga anymore but I liked the period feel to this. Of course the fact that the “element styles” are based on actual styles of Kung Fu is a nice touch. In fact that’s the only reason I had heard of the show when it came out. When it comes to movies like this I can forgive alot IF the fight choreography is outstanding.

  6. demigod • June 28, 2009 @ 2:33 PM

    I liked The Happening..the premise of mother nature striking back. And Signs was friggin’ amazing.

  7. demigod • June 30, 2009 @ 3:39 AM

    Yes bubbles, judging by the trailer the theme doesn’t seem to be about the environmental impact of mankind, but forces beyond..

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