Tiger Woods seen leaving sex rehab

Tiger Woods at sex rehabIn photographs published in the new issue of the National Enquirer, Tiger Woods was seen leaving the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction rehab center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Woods reportedly checked into the clinic on December 30. Radaronline.com says multiple sources have confirmed Woods’ treatment at the facility. The Enquirer reports that Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, threatened to take their children to live permanently in Sweden unless he “vowed to stop cheating and enter sex rehab.” According to Hollywoodlife.com, patients enrolled at the clinic attend Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings twice a week. They’re also allowed supervised visits to Wal-Mart. The clinic is surrounded by a fence which is locked at night. The typical length of a sex addict’s stay at the rehab center is six weeks.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. demigod • January 22, 2010 @ 5:31 AM

    You just have to laugh.
    Supervised visits to Wal-Mart? In case he gets the urge to jump on a fat a$$?

  2. Judy • January 22, 2010 @ 10:54 AM

    I hope it works for him. It’s not a laughing matter. It’s a real disease. Anyway with HALF a brain would know this.

  3. Judy • January 22, 2010 @ 10:55 AM

    I mean… (just got up) anyone with a HALF a brain would know this.

  4. Lenny • January 22, 2010 @ 11:30 AM

    The only disease that Tiger suffers from is having way too much money and an endless list of women that want to have sex with him – don’t kid yourself!

  5. RRP • January 22, 2010 @ 12:37 PM

    i am laughing ok its an issue he has but ‘supervised visits to wal-mart? to do what? learn to control his urges. If he cant control urges with all the fat ppl walking around walmart theres no hope for him. LOL

  6. Patricia Belmar B. • January 22, 2010 @ 12:41 PM

    With the long story of cheating Tiger has, I think it would be very unlikely he would make love to only one woman, his wife.

    I hope the rehab will work for the sake of Tiger’s children.

  7. Monique • January 22, 2010 @ 1:17 PM

    All the people in Hattiesburg, Mississippi will be out in full force with their camera phones hoping to get a shot of Tiger in Walmart for People Of Walmart http://www.peopleofwalmart.com

  8. Tracy • January 22, 2010 @ 1:27 PM

    what part of Anonymous is not understood? it really bothers me that celebrities are not treated the same way as the rest of the people when they are trying to get help with any kind of addiction. if someone were to tell everyone they saw “john smith” at an AA meeting, his privacy is violated and he might never want to go again and stop trying to recover. i might hate what Tiger did, but i applaud his attempt to get help for it.

  9. tributegirl • January 22, 2010 @ 1:42 PM

    demigod and Lenny, lol, you two are so right!

  10. demigod • January 22, 2010 @ 2:31 PM

    Judy, apparently you’re the one with half a brain (not to mention a lack of humour). It’s NOT a disease. An addiction, perhaps. His married life is unsatisfactory (obviously).
    Tiger is pathetic. Why go thru the bs? Ultimatums, sex rehab, marriage counselling..none of it works. It’s just postponing the inevitable.

  11. Nancy • January 22, 2010 @ 5:02 PM

    I agree. With alcohol, you just stay away from bars, parties and liquor/beer stores. With drugs, you stay away from certain areas and crack houses, LOL. With sex though, how the heck is he gonna stay away from a whole gender? Elin might as well just save herself the heartache…she’ll never be able to trust him now anyways. Like demigod said, “It’s just postponing the inevitable”. Every time he goes ANYWHERE…yes, even to Walmart, hahaha, she is going to be tearing up inside wondering if he’s been unfaithful again.

  12. Carol • January 22, 2010 @ 10:54 PM

    They tried the whole “sex addict” thing with Bill Clinton, but it was short lived. The problem with Tiger is, he wants what he wants when he wants it. He does not like the word “no” and does not understand that he cannot or should not have or do certain things. Was Tiger happily married? Perhaps when the spotlight shone on him. He’s a spoiled brat. He takes with no regard as to how it might hurt someone else…and his kids will suffer from this. I bet he didn’t think of that and probably denies that part of it.
    Now as for her threats to take the kids to Sweden for good….Aren’t there laws to protect him here? I mean…he cheated, that doesn’t mean she can deprive him of his children. Is there something I’m missing here? I don’t think she can just threaten to take them out of the country.

  13. Terry • January 23, 2010 @ 1:34 AM

    I can’t tell it’s really him from that picture up there. It could just be some Muslim guy in drag!

  14. demigod • January 23, 2010 @ 2:27 PM

    Carol, they didn’t just try Clinton as a sex addict, they tried impeaching him.
    If you’re a male celeb and cheat, you need rehab lol

  15. Sharon • January 24, 2010 @ 1:18 AM

    What is it with these people and their comments regarding”fat people” and Walmart. Is it natural to put these two together or what?

  16. Rita • January 24, 2010 @ 8:55 AM

    As a person was saying; his children couldn’t just be taken to another country by his wife, because he has the right to see them as she said. But this is a GODly perspective…his behavior and actions(no matter how old the children are) showed them that he no longer Respects them or Loves them. LOOK AT ALL THE TIME he COULD have SPENT WITH THEM Instead of going to bed with that Many women!!! LIFE is so Very Short and he WASTED ALL THAT PRECIOUS TIME with other women INSTEAD OF Spending time with his Own BlOOD and FLESH. WHY did he bring them into this World if he was going to Treat them like this??? Plus his Wife was treated the same way!

    Its Unimaginable What he did!! I still Can’t get my thoughts around it!! He had all that another man would even Dream about but HE CHOOSE TO THROW IT ALL AWAY….FOR WHAT????? He had a Gorgeous Wife and Tons of money and a huge beautiful house and the best vehicle and the best Food(people have NO home, NO food and NO medical supplies down in Haiti) and Children…..there R tons of married people who are Desparate for Children and look What he DOES. It boggless the Imagination!!

    Whos fault is it? Ours in a way because WE(not me, thats for sure) are the ones who pay Way Too Much $$$$$ to watch him play golf. Its too unbalanced in Society – some get way too much and some don’t get paid hardly anything. As an example: the Haitians Don’t take things for granted even if they have next to Nothing!

  17. tributegirl • January 24, 2010 @ 10:46 AM

    Sorry, Rita, but I’m not taking the blame for Tiger cheating on his wife. The blame rests totally on his own shoulders, doesn’t matter how much people pay him, etc, HE choose to marry Elin and have children with her, then HE choose to sleep with other women.

  18. Carol • January 24, 2010 @ 12:38 PM

    Demigod, you idjit, they tried as a sympathy plea to say he was a sex addict…to avoid negative outcomes, to gain the support of the people. DUH!

  19. demigod • January 24, 2010 @ 3:53 PM

    Carol..getting a little yappy. If you’re looking for a new ‘bff’, moondog might be a good match for you hehe
    Even if that’s true, you think LYING about being a sex addict as well, would look more favourably to ‘the people’? lol That’s as dumb as it gets. Obviously worked on you. Either way, he wouldn’t get much sympathy from a feminist society who deems this trivial matter as grounds for impeachment. Not that it was any of their business to begin with.

  20. deasha • January 24, 2010 @ 4:27 PM

    Wow i love tiger woods man all he wanted was sex and he probably wasnt gitting that from his wife so he went to a different resource leave him alone gosh!!

  21. Carol • January 24, 2010 @ 4:56 PM

    DG, North America is full of bleeding hearts….boo hoo, he’s a sex addict, he needs help…like it or not that’s what we live with…lots of them, many are on tribute. He’s a lying cheating b*stard, not sure if she did anything wrong, but if wants to live the single life, then he should be single.

  22. Nancy • January 24, 2010 @ 5:35 PM

    “Carol..getting a little yappy.”

    Yeah Carol, stop it…or he’ll give you what “you deserve” and then say you deserved it because you must have been “pmsing”, hahahaha. You should know better than to get “yappy”! Some would think that you would need to get some counselling for pushing his buttons, you know. Know your place woman! LMFAO.

  23. g • January 24, 2010 @ 6:21 PM

    poor Tiger,, i feel bad for him! i blame on those awful whores who have no embarrass what so ever!

  24. tributegirl • January 24, 2010 @ 8:05 PM

    They have “no embarrass”??? wtf??? Apparently Tiger must have some embarrass (?), or else he’d just admit what he did and get on with the divorce, instead of this farce of a rehab.

  25. Nancy • January 24, 2010 @ 8:23 PM

    Tributegirl: Know your place woman! Don’t be getting “yappy”, LMFAO!

  26. Carol • January 24, 2010 @ 9:24 PM

    Nancy….I think you’ve been taken over by a demon….lol…what will happen if we get yappy…someone gonna slap us around…and we’d totally deserve it…hahahahahaha
    Tiger was slappin something around, and it got him into a big ol’ mess.

  27. Angela • January 24, 2010 @ 9:46 PM

    How would you know deasha? If that’s true, then where did his two kids come from?

  28. gypsy • January 25, 2010 @ 12:54 AM

    Just a though..perhaps he wasn’t getting any.His wife could of known about his indiscretions,and decided she didn’t want to get any diseases,so she held back.Some woman know and don’t say a thing,until it becomes public.I wouldn’t be surprised if other woman start lining up for d.n.a. tests,claiming Tiger fathered their child! YA never know,it seem’s to be happening alot lately!

  29. Dylan A • January 25, 2010 @ 4:22 AM

    wtf is this about supervised visits to Wal-mart? is that the new pickup place?

    Wal-mart sucks, and no ive never seen a hot chick at wal-mart.

  30. Nancy • January 25, 2010 @ 10:41 AM

    You don’t get out much, do you Dylan? At least not to Walmart, hahaha. I love shopping at Wallymart! Also, I have seen (and am one) many beautiful women, not as described above by a few others, shopping there as well. I guess maybe it depends where you live, idk?

  31. Kyiesia • January 25, 2010 @ 11:27 AM

    I’m a fat bbw who loves to shop at Walmart! and honey, if i sees Tiger Woods wandering the isles, i will jump his bones you can bet on that!!!! hmh huh!

  32. demigod • January 25, 2010 @ 12:15 PM

    lol@ Kyiesia

  33. gypsy • January 25, 2010 @ 2:31 PM

    Kyiesia… YOU GO GIRL!!!

  34. Nancy • January 25, 2010 @ 5:40 PM

    Hahahaha, Kyiesia!!!

  35. Johnny • January 26, 2010 @ 3:28 PM

    I thought this was a Sasquatch spotting….

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