Tom Cruise explodes at crew not following COVID rules

By Alexandra Heilbron on December 16, 2020 | 37 Comments

Tom Cruise screams at crew members on leaked tape, threatens to fire them

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Photo credit: David James / 2015 Paramount PicturesTom Cruise was livid when members of the film crew of his new Mission: Impossible movie broke rules in relation to COVID-19 distancing.

The British newspaper The Sun obtained an audiotape that recorded 3.5 minutes of a tongue-lashing Cruise directed at crew members who were standing less than a metre apart while watching a computer screen, even though they were both wearing masks.

Cruise lit into them, shouting, “If I see you doing it again, you’re f—ing gone.”

His rant included a diatribe in which he said Hollywood was depending on them. “We are the gold standard. They’re back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us! Because they believe in us and what we’re doing! I’m on the phone with every f***ing studio at night, insurance companies, producers, and they’re looking at us and using us to make their movies. We are creating thousands of jobs, you motherf***ers.

“I don’t ever want to see it again! Ever! And if you don’t do it, you’re fired, and I see you do it again you’re f***ing gone. And if anyone on this crew does it, that’s it! And you too, and you too. And you, don’t you ever f***ing do it again. That’s it! No apologies. You can tell it to the people that are losing their f***ing homes because our industry is shut down. It’s not going to put food on their table or pay for their college education.

“That’s what I sleep with every night. The future of this f***ing industry. So I’m sorry I am beyond your apologies. I have told you and now I want it and if you don’t do it you’re out!

“We are not shutting this f***ing movie down. Is it understood? Am I clear? Do you understand what I want? Do you understand the responsibility that you have?”

He started to calm down slightly at the 2.5 minute mark, but continued to warn the crew they were in danger of being fired. He also refers to a stick, asking how many metres it is, which seems to indicate a two metre stick has been provided for crew members to use to judge the distance they’re standing apart.

“If we shut down it’s going to cost people f***ing jobs, their homes, their family… And I care about you guys, but if you’re not going to help me you’re gone. Okay? Do you see that stick, how many metres is that? When people are standing around a f***ing computer and hanging around here, what are you doing?”

Mission: Impossible 7 was one of the first films to shut down production due to the Coronavirus pandemic, halting filming in Venice, Italy in February. The movie returned to filming earlier this month just outside of London, England. Undoubtedly Cruise has been keeping an eye on the news of other productions that have had to shut down, costing the studios millions of dollars — including The Batman in London this past September when star Robert Pattinson and other members of the production contracted the coronavirus.

Cruise obviously cares about keeping the movie industry alive. He attended a screening of Tenet this past August in London wearing a mask, and has also been pictured wearing a mask at all times on the set of Mission: Impossible 7. He even paid $676,000 to get an old cruise ship where the cast and crew can be isolated during filming.

A source told The Sun, “Tom has taken it upon himself, along with the health and safety department, to try to force the safety precautions, with a view to keeping the film running. He does daily rounds to make sure that everything is set up appropriately, that people are behaving and working as safely as they can. He is very proactive when it comes to safety.”

What do you think? Did Tom Cruise overreact or is he justified in demanding that crew members take precautions?  ~Alexandra Heilbron

Comments & Discussion

  1. Gwen Collins • December 16, 2020 @ 3:11 PM

    He is justified but he doesn’t need to be a dick about it. Why not just go to the director and have him/her reprimand the crew? Who is in charge of the film crew? Go to him/her and raise your concerns with them. Sounds a bit of a prima donna, doesn’t he? Having said that, at least someone spoke up and perhaps has made the set safer for everyone. He just went about it the wrong way.

  2. Angela • December 16, 2020 @ 4:49 PM

    He’s the boss, and the producer, so it’s probably up to him to do this. He hires the director, approves of casting and is in charge of pretty much everything. I kind of cringed because I would hate to be yelled at like that, but it’s really important not to spread covid around, especially on a movie set, because it will cost millions more if they have to shut down for several weeks. I bet those crew members will never make that mistake again. And for The Batman and other film sets to have been shut down, it had to be because someone was a super spreader and either didn’t wear a mask or was too close to other crew/cast members. Can be avoided if we’re all careful.

  3. Sophia-michele • December 17, 2020 @ 9:48 AM

    It is true he did overreact and the truth be told he is scared and wants to be heard. It may be hard to believe but what he did was cry out for love, just like the rest of us. He lost it and sometimes that happens to all of us, especially when we have lost family and friends to Coved-19. Adding to this is the fact that many people could lose their jobs. I am not a fan of Tom Cruise but I do agree with him and his purpose to keep everyone healthy. Therefore if this is a vote I vote for him. Let’s all stay safe, this virus is world wide now and a time in history we will always remember. Wear masks, social distancing and hand washing. This will save the day. You go Tom Cruise, but less of the “F” word.

  4. Kerry Klimosko • December 17, 2020 @ 10:26 AM

    Tom is absolutely justified with his Covid rant. It may have been extreme however it sometimes takes a rant to get through to folks how important it is to that filming crew to stay Covid free. And he is taking responsibility on himself to keep it Covid free and keep it running. Carelessness by a few will wreck it for all of them.

  5. James • December 17, 2020 @ 10:27 AM

    Good on him for calling them out!!

    Although I don’t understand this: “And if you don’t do it, you’re fired, and I see you do it again you’re f***ing gone.”

    So…if you don’t do it you’re fired and if you do do it then you’re gone? Seems like either way they lose.

  6. Dee Dee • December 17, 2020 @ 10:28 AM

    He’s justified but his cussing isn’t. With his education im sure he could have handled it better. Where’s the bar of soap?

  7. Linda • December 17, 2020 @ 10:41 AM

    I agree with him. He is working with everyone to give them jobs. All he wants in return is to use common sense and follow the rules.

  8. Lynda • December 17, 2020 @ 10:48 AM

    It is frustrating to see people, not behaving, at this late date. A mask is great and important!!
    “ cussing” is all, some people understand. It’s his party, and he can say and dance how he
    wants to.
    I think they got it,Tom.

  9. Rob • December 17, 2020 @ 11:07 AM

    I think it needed to be done! He cares about his crew and he cares about their well being. He wants to support them by putting food on their table and a roof over their heads. If you can’t comply with the rules then that’s on you. He wants everyone to stay healthy and not get sick. If he yelled at me like that because I wasn’t following the rules during this time I would be embarrassed and would make sure I do my best to comply with the rules. Good on you Tom Cruise!! Can’t wait for your films to come out!!

  10. Lisa Cottier • December 17, 2020 @ 11:14 AM

    He said what needed to be said and likely how it needed to be said. I would only say he overreacted if these were completely new rules we were asked to follow, like in March, but it’s December… people should darn well freaking get it already. The language was fine, the message was absolutely heard. It’s not like he used the stick on them for goodness sakes.

  11. Judy Poeschel • December 17, 2020 @ 11:19 AM

    I think he was totally justified in his actions. They were obviously aware and trained but not following the rules!
    Some people just don’t get it until they are threatened with losing their jobs!

  12. Daybed • December 17, 2020 @ 11:25 AM

    I totally support Tom with this! People were obviously not paying attention to the polite reminders. (which is selfish) Good for him! The film industry, like other industries, need to follow safety protocols in order to keep operating and keeping everyone healthy. 👏👏👏👏

  13. Maggie • December 17, 2020 @ 11:44 AM

    Authorities are tired of people not taking covid19 seriously. Tired of suggesting and asking people to follow simple guidelines.
    It’s not rocket science!
    Over reacting;not at this point especially looking at the number of new cases, hospitalizations and staggering deaths.
    Finally, someone not sugar coating our reality!

  14. Jeanette • December 17, 2020 @ 11:47 AM

    He’s justified and good on him for taking his crew to task. That he is considering other people and the jobs the film industry brings in and being so passionate about it is eye opening to me. I didn’t realize he would be so involved but it’s nice to see he is. Any major star in the public eye is going to be under a microscope, especially with technology these days. The film industry has taken a major hit like many industries affected by the pandemic. It looks like we have another year of this as the world enters the second phase. These type of safety measures are a necessity to limit and contain the spread. I’m impressed at his level of commitment to ensure his livelihood and that of many others aren’t negatively impact. Hollywood has got to be hurting in a way never seen before.

  15. Stephen • December 17, 2020 @ 12:06 PM

    Cruise missile?

  16. Peter • December 17, 2020 @ 12:08 PM

    I don’t blame him one bit esp. when you hear production was shut down before and he’s spending his own money to get a cruise ship and keep the crew in the bubble. They’ve all got jobs because of him and yet they wanted to play games and violate protocol. All it takes is for a few crew members to get infected and his investment, the studio’s investment is all down the tubes

  17. Heather • December 17, 2020 @ 12:08 PM

    I’m very pleased he said something, more people need to take this seriously. Could it have been done in a nicer way, maybe, but by now people shouldn’t have to be reminded. Well done
    Mr. Cruise

  18. John • December 17, 2020 @ 12:48 PM

    I was proud of Tom for saying what he did and how he did it. SOOO many people just don’t get it and take risks that will affect everyone. Don’t let up Tom. Can’t wait to see the new movie

  19. Ron Powers • December 17, 2020 @ 12:54 PM

    Considering the life threatening consequences of the virus,he has every right to be angry.People are not taking the pandemic serious,calling it a hoax or fake and that has to stop.If you cannot play nice in the sand box you will get buried.I believe letting them off with a warning although a bit drastic was better than getting fired or fined.We need movies to distract us from this reality and I hope people wake up and be smart.There should be a device called a proximity detector set to 6 ft or 2 meters that alerts you if you get too close.Conditioning people who are forgetful or not very smart.

  20. Mi Russ • December 17, 2020 @ 2:21 PM

    Tom is under Mega Pressure! The entire Film Industry in Hollywood and elsewhere! Scientology is funded by Tom and other Mega Billionaire actors!

  21. Gina Toupin • December 17, 2020 @ 3:33 PM

    This is awesome. I’ve just gained a whole lot of respect for Tom Cruise. I think if he’s gets tired of being an actor he should join the military and be a drill sergeant!
    He has definitley drawn a line and made it quite clear to everyone there that they will follow his decisions or they will be gone and I’m totally with it, All you’ve seen with this pandemic is these people that ignore the guidelines and they get a cluster in the grocery stores or whatever so they’re closed and those people and the business lose their income or people catch the virus from these self absorbed idiots and some of them die. A lot of businesses are going under and the people that worked there lose their jobs. He’s totally right.
    No wonder the insurance companies etc are hesitant about insuring movie sets right now. Tom Cruise is my hero. Kick ass Tom Cruise:) You obviously know how!

  22. Missy • December 17, 2020 @ 6:40 PM

    He can cuss all he wants. Imagine wasting time repeatedly asking people nicely to follow protocol. Nobody takes it seriously until it either affects them or their livelihoods. Just today, I see people have chin diapers on, not covering their noses or mouths. FFS! I really wanted to say something but of course I didn’t. Don’t blame Tom one bit. Even with masks, if you can social distance, then DO IT!

  23. Reign • December 17, 2020 @ 7:04 PM

    Honestly it is about time someone did explode . For heaven sakes —- why are people still taking risks with other people’s lives — if it takes a rant and some curses then go for it .Maybe it will work — good going Mr. Cruise !!!

  24. Priscilla Turvey • December 17, 2020 @ 8:21 PM

    It sounds like he had already been clear and reminded folks and he didn’t feel they were being serious. It’s a scary time. High pressure and money money money to stay safe etc. I think it was needed and support him. We’re seeing people in grocery stores and medical/frontlines, exhausted, BEYOND stressed and scared as people die. A rant won’t Kill, but not adhering to safety measures WILL and HAS.

    Good for him for being ‘the dick’ and doing the right thing!

  25. CJ • December 17, 2020 @ 9:26 PM

    He has every right to scream at the staff who are not following the rules. I stand behind Tom Cruise. It is his money financing this project. My elderly mother has COVID and I will scream at anyone I see who is not following the rules. Wake up people, this is a pandemic and people are dying. Wear your fricken masks, above your nose, not below!!

  26. George EDELSTEIN • December 17, 2020 @ 10:50 PM

    When you take into consideration all the people involved in this industry who are now starving [in Canada, ACTRA and WGC can verify this] and the consumers who need the diversions of cinema, especially at this time, you have to understand and support Tom Cruise’s stance. His spending so much on getting a cruise ship just to ensure isolation and protection of his production attests to his sincerity. In spite of his association with a highly controversial cult, there is no question as to his devotion to his craft and his sincere concern for the safety of those around him.

  27. Ron Oliver • December 18, 2020 @ 1:23 AM

    I support Tom 100%, he is so right for flipping. People need to understand how bad Covid 19 is, we need to social distance and wear a mask until the vaccine comes.

  28. Nikki Minchin • December 18, 2020 @ 9:59 AM

    Tom was right to overreact. He probably behaved that way intentionally to make sure his point got across the first and last time. If groups of people have the slightest impression that they can get away with breaking rules; that dangerous mentality will spread like the virus itself. That is exactly what Tom set out to crush ( the dangerous mentality) I think he succeeded in accomplishing that. We need more people like that in today’s mob mentality society!

  29. iDeeDee • December 18, 2020 @ 10:43 AM

    Tom onky doing what’s necessary maybe a tige over top but not really too many people slacking off and the number of case rise special now that there is a vaccine there thinking it’s a cure snd it’s not it’s not even 100% going to stop you getting it. he’s only doing what i wish i could say to halt the people i see or hear. I order my groceries and only go out for medical appointments and everything that comes in my house packages food get whipped of or washed including bottoms of my shoes . canes walkerwheels. and PSW’s that coke for my fathers wear hairnet, mask gloves, and booties. and when i do go out i have gogels mask or face sheild and gloves on. and use hand sanitizer where i can if i can gave gloves on. I do all this one to protect as much of a chenge of bringing it hime to my elderly parents or rest of family / myself and anyone i come in contact with. and if everyone did theses things we did a solid lockdown for 28 days we might just kill it off

    stay safe

  30. DeeDee • December 18, 2020 @ 10:44 AM

    oh ya then we can get back to our normal world

  31. Rita • December 19, 2020 @ 1:54 PM

    He was not right to do this. Unprofessional done. Only the elderly or very compromised immune systems are affected. I know quite a few Doctors who say the masks aren’t even working. Because of his actions K for one and others will definitely not be seeing this movie.

  32. Bog • December 20, 2020 @ 10:46 AM

    98.9% survival rate, 50% asymptomatic rate, the fit was unwarranted and a sign of how crazy the media has made us with disinformation.

  33. dgc • December 20, 2020 @ 2:15 PM

    Sorry folks, but it is the irrational rants and policies of people like Cruise who are the problem. I doubt that anyone here is either a physician or a medical researcher; I also bet that all of the posters here do not follow let alone understand the biomedical literature that has been published on COVID-19. Instead, all you hear is the ridiculous level of hype by the technical illiterates in the media or politicians using a pandemic to implement policies that have no scientific basis for what they are doing. Something as simple as facemasks are simple enough to demonstrate the point: unless you are using facemasks with N95 or comparable filters you are wasting your time; surgical face masks are NOT designed for the application everyone is using them for. And then their is the problem with the false positives using PCR-based testing platforms; doing more than 30 cycles is akin to testing for dead pieces of virus. In the end, restore ordinary, medically-sound practices and stop the rest

  34. dgc • December 20, 2020 @ 2:18 PM

    Looks like any comment that isn’t saying exactly what everyone else here is saying WILL NOT be published.

    And you wonder why people are reacting as if the world is going to end. Knowledge truly is power! So, any knowledge that does not support a narrative doesn’t get posted.

  35. Tribute • December 21, 2020 @ 9:15 AM

    If you don’t see your comment immediately, it means our system has flagged something within it and put it into a holding pattern. As soon as our editors can, they read the flagged comments and approve them. We don’t censor or remove comments unless they contain certain swear words, hate speech or are attacking other users/writers. As you could see, before your comment, there were other comments that don’t agree with previous commenters, which went up right away and your second comment went up right away, it wasn’t flagged. Thanks for your comments, we appreciate hearing from all of you, whether or not you agree with the content of stories or with other commenters.

  36. Glenn • December 22, 2020 @ 2:01 PM

    I think what he did was outstanding. There are way to many brain dead idiots out there who don’t get it. He was totally justified as a human being to do it. Let alone the boss. To bad more people out there wouldn’t have his conviction to do the right thing. I takes a person with honor to do the right thing, and sometimes you might have to look like an ass. But it’s better than being a “moronic trumpster idiot” and not care about peoples lives…”it is what it is” to ass wipes like that. Stand up for doing what is right, it’s not that difficult.

  37. SP • December 23, 2020 @ 3:43 AM

    He’s absolutely right – as one of the executive producers, he is responsible for the entire production, and the fact that MI:7 & 8 (both shooting simultaneously) are among the few marquee blockbusters still being made during the pandemic sets a marker for the entire Hollywood film industry; as it is, there was already a delay earlier with a mini-Covid outbreak on the set.

  38. tim • December 23, 2020 @ 4:14 PM

    I like millions am a fan of Tom’s movies, but lets keep in mind this is a man who’s been catered to most of his adult life. In as much as I agree with his trying to promote and help those who are jobless and so many of us in distress. He could have and should have tempered his reaction. Love you Tom and pray you let go of those inner demons that cause such outbreaks. Remember your teachings. (LRH)

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