Voting system may change on American Idol

American Idol producer Ken Warwick told reporters this week he’s considering changing the show’s voting system. Because so many of the Top 12 girls have been voted off, American Idol execs believe that females are doing most of the voting through social networking, making it very difficult for a girl singer to win, despite the fact that she may be more talented. Young girls and women seem to be voting over and over for the “boys,” such as 17-year-old Scotty McCreery (pictured). “We are aware that with the social networking that goes on these days, and because predominantly young girls and moms are the driving force behind these kind of shows, that probably the vote will be skewed towards the boys,” he said. “Case in point, losing Pia [Toscano] a couple of weeks ago. It’s something that we’re going to have a long discussion about after we finish the series. We won’t change anything at the moment — it will go the way it goes.” He says maybe in future the amount of SMS votes and/or online votes will be capped. He also mentioned that they may limit the number of times a performer can play a musical instrument. “This year it isn’t an issue. Last year it was an issue,” he clarified. “We don’t want anyone hiding behind a guitar.”

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Comments & Discussion

  1. jabayloo • April 22, 2011 @ 10:33 AM

    That’s probably good because the voting this year is a little weird, although I don’t miss Pia at all, I’m glad they used their save on Casey. She has a recording contract now anyway. And I think if they want to limit how often someone uses an instrument, it should be the piano, but not the guitar. People are boring and hidden behind a piano, but it’s not the same with a guitar.

  2. Dan Grant • April 22, 2011 @ 10:47 AM

    Or maybe Pia got voted off because she was boring. This outcry of support for her is laughable. She was talented no doubt, but so was all of the top 13. This isn’t just about who can sing the best but it’s about who takes risks, who puts on a show and who endears themselves to the fans. Ask yourself this, who puts on a better show, James or Pia? Casey or Pia? Scotty or Pia? In every case all three guys put more into their performances than Pia did. That’s why she’s gone.

  3. Carole • April 22, 2011 @ 11:16 PM

    I totally disagree Pia was far from boring. If I had voted I would have voted for her over Casey and Scotty. Pia has it all. She is beautiful has a beautiful voice. She is completely at ease on the stage. Aparently other people didn’t find her boring. She has already sung on one of the late night shows and is singing on Dancing With The Stars next week and on top of that, she already has a recording contract. Doesn’t sound boring to me.

  4. Jo-Anne • April 23, 2011 @ 9:22 PM

    believe Pia went before “her time”, she should have been one of the last ones standing. her looks shouldn’t come into play at all, only her singing talent which was enough in itself.

    Casey is multi talented, happy the judges used their save on him, was shocked America voted him out so early. But America, in my opinion, has gotten it wrong many times before and, in my opinion, will again. But that’s what it’s all about, personal opinion when they vote. And in mine, James gets the ultimate performer/idol vote…

    besides, if the thought is the American voting females are voting off the girls, why didn’t Hailey go well before Pia? Pia has miles of talent on her…

  5. L1feless • April 26, 2011 @ 10:25 AM

    Pia = Great
    Casey = Crap

    Scotty has his limits but so long as he stays within them he will be a huge success.

    I have an issue with what the judges are doing this season in general. They are not being equally critical of everyone, they ARE playing favorites. They used their save on Casey probably because he is a nice guy NOT because he is more talented than some of the others. Then the judges go on and on and on about how great Casey is and America is all of a sudden not voting for Casey. All in all I think this panel is showing their inexperience in recruiting talent. This was something which Simon brought to the table which others don’t.

  6. Jo-Anne • April 26, 2011 @ 5:38 PM

    I was a HUGE Simon fan, LIfeless, and miss his “critique” as well, however gotta HUGELY disagree re Casey. He is unique, not pop/country – jazz suits him perfectly and he’s a proven multi talented musician.

    Pia had a fab voice but did nothing unique in her versions of songs, stuck to the tried and true. A performer needs to break out with something, anything special to set them aside from the competetion on Idol, they’ve been reiterating that all along the show’s many years of success. Saying that, I believe Pia was worthier than Hailey/Stefano to remain.

    J.Lo has given some valuable critique, much as I like Tyler, he is very soft on the contestants and would have preferred some stronger critique. Hey, you made it to this level, you should be able to take the heat. Randy is the best of the bunch.

    up till Casey, I don’t think anyone deserved the save. I do not think he’ll survive to the end, Scotty (America loves their country music) and James will most likely be in the finale….should be interesting whatever happens….

  7. Anna • May 5, 2011 @ 5:10 PM

    I agree that Casey was good but he isn’t american idol material I didn’t vote for him because I don’t think he can handle the music business. He’s best for small jazz clubs not sold out stadiums and btw, there has been plently of amazing girl solo artists that have won American Idol…Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie, Jordin…a lot of the time guys have the better voice and can do better all in all, ppl should have a limit on how many times you vote and you should have a no instruments night every couple weeks…that should fix the problem, IMO anyways.

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